Android Developer with Flutter Salary in 2024

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Median Salary Expectations:

How statistics are calculated

We count how many offers each candidate received and for what salary. For example, if a Android with Flutter with a salary of $4,500 received 10 offers, then we would count him 10 times. If there were no offers, then he would not get into the statistics either.

The graph column is the total number of offers. This is not the number of vacancies, but an indicator of the level of demand. The more offers there are, the more companies try to hire such a specialist. 5k+ includes candidates with salaries >= $5,000 and < $5,500.

Median Salary Expectation – the weighted average of the market offer in the selected specialization, that is, the most frequent job offers for the selected specialization received by candidates. We do not count accepted or rejected offers.

Where is Flutter used?

🛒 Sliding into E-Commerce 🛍️

  • Who needs storefronts when you can swipe and shop in your PJs? Flutter zips through online shopping apps faster than a shopaholic on Black Friday.

🎮 Leveling Up Mobile Games 🕹️

  • Flutter makes mobile games stickier than a toddler's fingers, enticing players with smooth performance that's more addictive than potato chips.

📊 Dashboard Domination 📈

  • With Flutter, dashboards look so crisp; data nerds can deep-dive into analytics without their screens looking like a 90's Nyan Cat meme!

💡 Bright Idea, Brighter Apps 💖

  • Innovative startups love Flutter more than hipsters love oat milk lattes, turning unique app ideas into realities faster than you can say "unicorn".

Flutter Alternatives

React Native

Open-source mobile application framework from Facebook, used for building natively rendering iOS and Android apps in JavaScript.

import React from 'react';
import { Text, View } from 'react-native';

const HelloWorldApp = () => {
return (

Hello, world!


export default HelloWorldApp;

  • Rich ecosystem with numerous libraries

  • Live reload feature accelerates development

  • Strong community and support

  • Performance lags behind native apps

  • Debugging can be cumbersome

  • Less smooth navigation compared to native

Apache Cordova

Platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by wrapping them in a native application shell.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Hello World</title>
<h1>Welcome to Apache Cordova</h1>

  • One codebase for multiple platforms

  • Access to native device APIs

  • Large plugin library

  • Performance can be slower than native apps

  • Potential issues with plugin quality

  • Requires more work for a native look and feel


Microsoft-owned framework that allows developers to create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using C# and .NET.

using Xamarin.Forms;
using System;

namespace HelloWorld
public class App : Application
public App()
MainPage = new ContentPage
Content = new Label
Text = "Hello, Xamarin!",
VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center,
HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center

  • Shared code across platforms

  • Strong integration with Visual Studio

  • Native performance and look

  • Limited access to some platform-specific features

  • Can result in larger app size

  • Requires learning C# and .NET

Quick Facts about Flutter

Flutter: The UI Toolkit with Wings

Did you know that Flutter isn't just a fancy word for a butterfly's flight? Nope! It's also a spiffy UI toolkit that Google coughed up in 2017, aimed at making developers' lives a tad easier when crafting nifty apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base. Hatched from the Dart language, it made waves with its "write once, run anywhere" wizardry.

The 'Hot Reload' Party Trick

Hot Reload is Flutter's equivalent of the party guest who can pull a rabbit out of a hat, except it's way cooler and less likely to cause animal rights issues. Make changes to your code, and abracadabra! The app is updated in a jiffy without needing a full restart. It keeps the app-running and gives devs the superpower of instant feedback. Magicians are jealous, I bet.

Not Just One, But Two Beta Releases!

Picture this: it's February 2018, and developers are chugging coffee, banging on their keyboards, when Google decides to drop not one, but two beta versions of Flutter. Why two? Because one is lonely, and three's a crowd. These betas came decked out with a fully-loaded widget library, which made building the UI a walk in the park, if that park were filled with unicorns that coded.

// Flutter's 'Hello World' is like a friendly wave from your new neighbor.
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

void main() {
home: Scaffold(
appBar: AppBar(
title: Text('Hello, Flutter!'),
body: Center(
child: Text('Welcome to the neighborhood!'),

What is the difference between Junior, Middle, Senior and Expert Flutter developer?

Seniority NameYears of ExperienceAverage Salary (USD/year)Quality-wiseResponsibilities & Activities
Junior Flutter Developer0-250,000 - 70,000Learning and growth stage

  • Understanding Flutter basics and SDK

  • Working on simple bug fixes

  • Implementing basic UI components

  • Writing clean and maintainable code under supervision

Middle Flutter Developer2-470,000 - 100,000Intermediate delivery quality

  • Developing more complex features

  • Contributing to design discussions

  • Optimizing application performance

  • Mentoring junior developers

Senior Flutter Developer4+100,000 - 130,000High-quality output and autonomy

  • Architecting scalable Flutter applications

  • Leading code reviews and setting best practices

  • Integrating advanced APIs and data layers

  • Solving complex bugs and performance issues

Expert/Team Lead6+130,000+Exceptional quality and leadership

  • Setting project roadmaps and timelines

  • Overseeing multiple projects and teams

  • Managing stakeholders and product owners

  • Driving innovation and strategic decisions

Top 10 Flutter Related Tech

  1. Dart Language

    Flutter's heart beats with the rhythm of Dart, the quirky language that must have been dreamt up during a coffee-induced fever dream. A blend of simplicity and power, much like ordering a vanilla ice cream but discovering it has the flavor profile of a tiramisu.

  2. Flutter Framework

    Buckle up, you’re not just using a framework here; it's more like strapping a jetpack to your developer toolkit. Flutter lets you high-five multiple platforms with a single codebase – because who has the time to play favorites with iOS or Android?

  3. GetX

    State management in Flutter can be like trying to herd cats. Enter GetX, the cowboy that lassos your state, dependencies, and routes all without breaking a sweat. It's like that organized friend who has their life together while you still can't find your keys.

    Get.lazyPut(() => Controller());

  4. Firebase

    If Flutter apps were parties, Firebase would be the overachieving host who catered, decorated, and even figured out the playlist. It's your one-stop shop for authentication, databases, analytics, and crash reporting – short of actually coding your app for you.

  5. RxDart

    For the thrill-seekers who find regular programming too tame, RxDart is like bungee jumping into a canyon of asynchronous data streams. Strap in and transform those streams with a level of precision that would make a brain surgeon jealous.

  6. Provider

    Provider's like the stage mom of state management – always making sure its children (the widgets) are ready for their performance on the screen. Without it, you're running a three-ring circus with no ringmaster in sight.

  7. GraphQL

    Why yell over the counter for each ingredient of your sandwich when you could fill out a single slip with a precise order? GraphQL is that slip, letting you query your backend API for exactly what you want – no more, no less.

  8. DevTools

    Like an archaeologist discovering the secrets of ancient code, Flutter DevTools allows you to dig into your app's performance and uncover the mysterious bugs hidden within. Wield this tool wisely, young code-whisperer.

  9. VS Code/Android Studio

    Picking between VS Code and Android Studio for Flutter development is like choosing between Batman and Iron Man – they both have their flashy gadgets and billionaire status. But remember, your code is the true hero here.

  10. Codemagic

    Imagine a butler who not only tailored your suit but also delivered it by drone, ready to wear. Codemagic is essentially that, for your app's CI/CD pipeline. It builds, tests, and releases your Flutter app with a touch of class.

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