Salaries and Rates in 2024

Despite layoffs at the beginning of the year, even today. After the start of the pandemic in 2020, companies in US, Europe, LATAM, EMEA or other geos had been recruiting on an almost daily basis top software engineers. Indeed, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reports, at least by 2032, the software field will experience a 26% increase, compared to the national average. Unsurprisingly, this strong demand has proven to outpace the global amount of candidates with the right software engineering skills.

With market volatility continuing, growth of software engineer salaries in North America slowed to .1% year-over-year, a fraction of the tech national average of 2% for all tech workers.

On the other hand, the extremely low rate of unemployment among software engineers demonstrates that this industry will continue to develop.

If you are hiring a software engineer or if you are looking for a career in software engineering and you would like to have a full overview of the software engineer market in 2024, Upstaff has prepared the Upstaff 2024 Tech Rates and Salary Statistics so that all who are working or want to work as a software engineer have the clear answers to all questions regarding the software engineer job market in 2024.

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