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Blockchain (Web 3.0)

Blockchain and Cryptography, Smart Contracts with Solidity, Wallet & Web3 Integration, NFT Marketplaces, DeFi Ecosystem, dApps, DAO.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineer (AI & ML)

Machine Learning/AI Engineers build end-to-end ML applications and power many of the apps we use every day. They work in Python, Git, & ML.

Includes Python, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Pandas, scikit-learn, Git, Bash, and more.

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Cloud Computing & Services

DevOps / DevSecOps / Cloud Security / Cloud Architect (Amazon Web Services [AWS], Google Cloud Platform [GCP], Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku) / CyberSecurity
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Delve into the heart of innovation with our Engineering category. Explore cutting-edge developments, technical insights, and expert perspectives. From software to hardware, unravel the intricacies of engineering excellence. Stay ahead of the curve with our curated resources, empowering your team to engineer the future.
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Case Studies

Dive deep into success stories with our Case Study category. Explore real-world examples, dissecting challenges and triumphs. Gain valuable insights into strategies, solutions, and outcomes across various industries. Illuminate your path with practical knowledge, learning from the experiences that shape success in our Case Study collection.
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Decision Tree HBase KibanaKibana Logistic regression Random Forest TableauTableau Apache ZooKeeper Periscope Apache Oozie Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Data AnalysisData Analysis Apache AirflowApache Airflow Data modeling Kimbal Apache Spark Streaming Azure Data Factory Azure Databricks Apache HiveApache Hive Apache SparkApache Spark Business Analysis Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Apache Spark ML AWS Athena Data Modeling Pentaho Jupyter Notebook TalendTalend Data Modelling UIPath REFramework UIPath MapReduce UiPath Apps UiPath Studio Apache Oozie 4 Apache Spark 2 Impala Apache Pig Sqoop Data visualization MLML Nonlinear Dynamics Modelling Chaos Theory Own Development Forecasting Algorithms Multi-Models Forecasting Systems Nearest Neighbors Ridge Regression Cluster Analysis Factor Analysis Principal Component Analysis Linear and Nonlinear Optimization Basic Statistical Models Apache Nifi Google Spreadsheets Requirements Analysis Data Mining & AnalyticsData Mining & Analytics Microsoft Power BIMicrosoft Power BI LucidCharts Data Mining Elastic Search Platform Data Scraping MS Power Automate Map Reduce DataDriven Model Interpretation Data Testing SAP Crystal Reports Flume Oozie Presto S3 domo Hunk Attunity Snaplogic Regression ELT Fivetran Linear Regression k-nearest neighbors algorithm (k-NN) K-Means clustering problem solving Pentaho Data Integration (Pentaho DI) Artificial neural networks for forecasting Classification Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) Naïve Classification Bayes Classification SVM Classification Multiple Linear Regression Data Quality Technical Analysis Operations analysis Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Accumulo Looker Data Studio Cloudera Microsoft Purview Azure Data Lake Storage Azure Synapse Analytics Celonis (Execution Management System) ARIS Polars (, DataFrame library)

Databases & Management Systems / ORM Arrow

Apache CassandraApache Cassandra AWS ElasticSearchAWS ElasticSearch Eloquent ORM FirebaseFirebase Apache HadoopApache Hadoop HibernateHibernate MongoDBMongoDB MySQLMySQL NoSQLNoSQL Oracle DatabaseOracle Database PostgreSQLPostgreSQL RedisRedis RethinkDB SQLSQL SQLAlchemy SQLiteSQLite Snowflake Percona MariaDBMariaDB MemcachedMemcached MS Access Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server PL/SQL SQL (DataGrip) DBMS: MySQL AWS Redshift Greenplum Teradata Apache Spark Streaming RDBMS Azure Cosmos DB Hadoop ecosystem Hibernate/JPA Apache HiveApache Hive Apache SparkApache Spark T-SQLT-SQL RDBMS (MySQL FireBird ORM Liquibase CouchDB Dynamo DB session manager DBeaver Sphinx AWS DynamoDB Flyway Cloud Firestore Apache Spark ML Hadoop (Hortonworks HDP) Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Firebase messaging BigChainDB FireStore SequelizeSequelize dbtdbt Database development Realm SQL Server Management Studio TSQL Typeorm MemSQL Google Firebase PouchDB Neo4j GreenDao Oracle 10g PGAdmin MongoDB Compass Databricks CosmosDB SQL Stored Procedures OrmLite Transact-SQL PostGIS InfluxDB pgSQL Couchbase Firebase Realtime Database CockroachDB Raven DB Materialize IBM DB2 MS Access Dbase Foxpro Prisma GORM BoltDB SSMS MySQL Workbench Oracle 12c AWS Database Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Apache Spark 2 Redis Cache Oracle 9.2 Oracle DataBase 11g dbForge Studio SSRS MySQL cluster Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery Django ORM Web SQL SQL Xamarin Relational Databases Pg Admin NPGSQL ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) MS Remote Access Service Oracle 8 Toad PGBouncer NaviCat HSQLDB Apache Druid SQL Alchemy Aura MS SQL Server Management Studio Clickhouse SqlServer Microsoft Azure SQL Server SQL queries Airtable Data Warehousing PSQL Oracle SQL Data Lake Sybase sqlx Data Warehouse Aerospike RethinkDB RQL Sql Anywhere Dbase Paradox Neteeza SQL Tuning Database Modeler Database Modeling Database Design Database AnalysisDatabase Analysis Database Administration Liqbase SSIS Dapper ORM Doctrine ORM KSQL rrd Slick database query PowerMTA Momentum Quagga Inspections Database ArangoDB SingleStore Apache Kylin RocksDB BerkeleyDB OrientDB Bigtable Jaguar ORM SQFLite Moor ObjectBox SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS YDB RavenDB Erwin Data Modeling Oracle Skin Editor Oracle ADF Various SQL SQL Server Integration Services BQ Spark SQL NoMySQL TimescaleDB

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QA Automation Automated testing BugZilla Capybara CucumberCucumber JUnit Apache MavenApache Maven Mockito RSpec PostmanPostman UI/UX testing QAQA TestNG JasmineJasmine Mocha Appium WebdriverIOWebdriverIO Protractor CodeceptJS SoapUI JMeterJMeter Selenoid Wireshark JBehave PyTestPyTest MSTest SpecFlow NUnit Espresso XCUITEST Gatling Manual Testing Selenide TestLink Fiddler RestAssured Mantis Firebug Behavior-driven development (BDD) Selenium WebdriverSelenium Webdriver TestComplete Chrome DevTools Functional Testing UI testing Selenium IDESelenium IDE Cypress Allure Unit Testing Testing JestJest React Testing Library Karma Browserstack SauceLabs TestRail Serenity Spock Burp Suite API testing Hypothesistesting Software testing Test design Charles Proxy WEB testing UI automation tests XCTest Gherkin Nmap MS Test Testing desktop applications Testing mobile applications stress testing regression testing smoke testing GUI testing verification testing validation testing positive/negative test cases bug reports Creating of test case xunit Zeplin TestRails nock Chrome Developer Tool Testing Library Puppeteer TestFlight UIAutomator Percy E2E tests Locust OWASP ZAP Minitest PHPUnit PhantomJS App Tester Ad-hoc testing Cross-browser testing Selenuim Grid REST Assured ReportPortal Newman (Collection Runner for Postman) Test Plan Test Cases QUnit Postmark API Scalatest Use Acceptance Testing frida-tools Mobile Testing Allure Reports Cloud Security Integration Tests Performance Testing Applitools Django unit-tests Django tests Selenium RSpec Test::Unit Cybersecurity Capybara Poltergeist Integration testing Qase Rest-Assured Zephyr Test-NG Newman SpiraTest Data Testing Page Object Model (POM) exploratory testing Playwright Allure Report Serenity Screenplay Serenity Report End 2 end testing Salesforce Testing Test Plans Salesforce Sandbox development and Testing Sitechko Hiptest Katalon non-functional testing Mock CasperJS A/B Testing e2e testing Metasploit WPScan JohnTheRipper Nessus Manual and Automation Testing Load Testing Selenium Library Sanity Testing Compatibility Testing Selenium Grid Fitnesse Lettuce Gauge Loadrunner K6 Selenium Silicon React-testing-library Snapshot tests Nikto web application security Usability tests Golden Tests HockeyApp Equivalence Partitioning Boundary Value Analysis Checklist Based Testing State transition testing Localization testing Decision Table Testing Use case testing Dredd Appium inspector Vysor Mobile automation testing iOS SilkTest Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) QA Functional/Automation Testing AWS Distributed Load Testing Black-box Testing Installation Testing Configuration Testing Requirements Testing Desktop Testing Automating vulnerability scanners Analyzing vulnerability reports Penetration testing Full-cycle testing of mobile applications Full-cycle testing of web applications Identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile systems Automated testing techniques Frida Jeb Ghidra Mobile application security threats Blackbox testing Dynamic and static analysis Security testing of web applications and cloud infrastructure OSINT Whitebox testing Vulnerability Assessment Security Code Review Threat Modeling Network Scanning OpenVas Acunetix MobSF Armitage Web Security Mobile Security Fuzzing Yara dnSpy/ilSpy Security Source Code Review MSTG AFL Service Solutions libFuzzer pwntools

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AWS API Facebook API Google Maps APIGoogle Maps API Rails API Stripe SwaggerSwagger OAuth Google API JSON Web Token (JWT) Apollo GraphQLApollo GraphQL Zuul Log4j API Sendgrid API Microsoft Azure API LinkedIn API Stripe API PayPal API eBay API Taobao API Cloud based API YouTube APIYouTube API Dropbox API Twitter APITwitter API Telegram API Unsplash API Mapbox API Eslint LinkedIn API Android SDK Canvas 2d browser API Dailymotion API Instagram API AmoCRM API IOS SDK SOAP API ASP.NET Web API Web API API testing Android APIs iOS APIs Twilio Jira API ServiceNow API WooCommerce API Kotlin Flow Retrofit Hubspot API Salesforce API SharePoint API OpenStreetMap API Twilio API Stripe Payment Gateway Facebook SDK AWS SDK for Android Windows API JSON API Concurrency API Context API Fetch API Hasura Fixer API FastApi Mulesoft RESTful API Apiary Blackberry SDK Stripe payment APIs FB SDK Google SDK Geolocation API Plivo TextMaster APIs ApplePay GooglePay Spotify fast_jsonapi JSP Liferay WebStorm API Insomnia AWS Advertising API Postmark API Mailchimp API PayU API API Callouts AEM Email API AWS MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) SP-API (Amazon Selling Partner API) OpenAPI Google AutoML API DI IP geolocation API AWS API Gateway Metadata API Bulk API iPhone SDK Microsoft Graph API Dynamics API Keycloak Google Maps SDK Stream API UPS Developer Kit API dropbox-sdk windows forms (winforms) Atlassian SDK Apache POI API Mailgun API Uber API Swagger API Facebook Marketing API Google AdWords Api SurveyMonkey Api ASP Web API Websocket API Office 365 API Open Commerce API OIDC CloudElements Salesforce APIs Slim CD API Reepay API SAP BAPI Linode API Git API Sptripe API Zoho API Bigcommerce API DirectX OpenAIs GPT3 APIs Cassia API Collections API Tsoa Konga Google Places API RestTemplate SocureAPI TrulioAPI ApiGateway Daylimotion Player SDK Elevation API API Integration Magento Cloud API in VBA Platon payment API CloverConnector SDK Autolayout JFree API Goldfish API Swing API Managed Services Hasura GraphQL Retail SDK Commerce SDK Parature API CPOS SDK DXVA2 SDL2 MP4Box Mediainfo tstools