Shopify Salaries and Rates in 2024

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Median Salary Expectations:

How statistics are calculated

We count how many offers each candidate received and for what salary. For example, if a Shopify with a salary of $4,500 received 10 offers, then we would count him 10 times. If there were no offers, then he would not get into the statistics either.

The graph column is the total number of offers. This is not the number of vacancies, but an indicator of the level of demand. The more offers there are, the more companies try to hire such a specialist. 5k+ includes candidates with salaries >= $5,000 and < $5,500.

Median Salary Expectation – the weighted average of the market offer in the selected specialization, that is, the most frequent job offers for the selected specialization received by candidates. We do not count accepted or rejected offers.


Shopify is an eCommerce solution for online sales, including advanced order and customer management facilities and a wide array of customer acquisition and retention tools. As a Shopify merchant, you have access to a plethora of third-party plug-ins from the Shopify app store, which further extend its functionality. Shopify takes care of hosting, security, and the day-to-day management of your store in return for a monthly fee. We’re a Shopify agency and Shopify developer in London looking to talk about your eCommerce needs.

Shopify Developer

Shopify Developer: A Shopify Developer is experienced at designing and building Shopify stores, themes and apps. Specialising in front-end development, a Shopify Developer will build your storefront and experience to bring your store to life, or tailor your store to suit customer shopping preferences. If you hire a Shopify Agency based in London, you will have access to an entire team of talented developers who will work alongside you and complement your existing workflows. An agency can install custom employees and coders who will create unique solutions to complex challenges. If you’re launching a new store or moving an existing store to Shopify, hiring a Shopify agency can help you leverage the benefits of the platform.

A Shopify agency: and the agency’s team of developers can elevate your experience with Shopify by building, improving and optimising your entire Shopify store experience according to your business goals. They can fast-track you on this journey, keeping you safe as you journey on, elevating your brand:

Technically DrivenShopify developers have a deep wisdom about the platform and can quickly uncover a technical problem.
PersonalisationIf you want to create a look that helps your brand identity and brings in more customers, our Shopify developer can create customisations to suit your needs.
EfficiencyUsing a Shopify developer allows you to focus on more strategic areas of business while still ensuring your site is fast and user-friendly, which increases conversion rates.
Third-party IntegrationAnd, third-party apps that let you extend the functionality of your site with booking calendars, discounts and coupons, customer referral schemes, gift cards, etc, should be set up by a Shopify developer to make sure they’re working in conjunction with the rest of your site.
MaintenanceWorking with a Shopify developer provides for routine website maintenance: updates, backups, and continual housekeeping, so that you don’t get any surprises.

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