Telegram Bots and Mini-Apps Developer Salary in 2024

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Median Salary Expectations:

How statistics are calculated

We count how many offers each candidate received and for what salary. For example, if a Telegram Bots and Mini-Apps with a salary of $4,500 received 10 offers, then we would count him 10 times. If there were no offers, then he would not get into the statistics either.

The graph column is the total number of offers. This is not the number of vacancies, but an indicator of the level of demand. The more offers there are, the more companies try to hire such a specialist. 5k+ includes candidates with salaries >= $5,000 and < $5,500.

Median Salary Expectation – the weighted average of the market offer in the selected specialization, that is, the most frequent job offers for the selected specialization received by candidates. We do not count accepted or rejected offers.

Telegram Bots and Mini-Apps

Telegram Bots and Mini-Apps

Recently, Telegram, a platform that rivals WhatsApp in penetration, even among web3 folks, and is considered by some as the entry point for the wider population preceding the so-called ‘massive adoption’ promised by the industry’s Apple position theorists, announced a game-changing new feature: Telegram Mini-Apps.

Telegram Mini Apps are web apps that are launched right inside Telegram, letting them have a consistent user experience. They can take advantage of many features out of the box, including seamless authorization, integrated payments, push notifications, and much more.

These lightweight apps, which operate on a proprietary platform but as an integral part of the Telegram ecosystem, could very well play a crucial role in bringing web3 tech into the mainstream. In the next paragraphs, we’ll tell you more about Telegram Mini-Apps and why they are just another incentive to make Telegram crypto marketing a part of your marketing mix.

Telegram Mini-Apps: A New Gateway to The Crypto World

Telegram Mini-Apps are applications that act like ‘airtight builders within the Telegram ecosystem’ and offer a simple portal into Web3 and a new surface to tout crypto Telegram marketing. They require no separate download and come with a simple portal to enter Web3 and another area for businesses to boast about crypto.

Seamless integration with Telegram makes it easier for users to engage with and transact on Web3 services such as decentralised exchanges (DEXs), NFT marketplaces and smart contract applications inside the Telegram chat. It bridges the gap between the familiar interface of the chatroom and the more technical Web3 space to help create a more intuitive user experience. This can potentially lead to higher user engagement as well.

The Benefits of Telegram Mini-Apps For Web3 Users and Developers

Essentially, what this means is that these mini-applications turn Telegram into a true super application, providing much more than just basic messaging. The benefits of the applications include:

  • Scalability and Mass Adoption
    Thanks to the fact that the Telegram Mini Apps are endowed by TON, the blockchain underlying Telegram, with the ability to process big volumes of transactions like any large-scale automated services, Telegram opens up the opportunity to scale the marketing of any Web3 app beyond a select early-adopter niche, and towards mass adoption, leveraging the messaging app’s userbase in excess of 800 million.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    Telegram Mini Apps integrate with preferred payment gateways like Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing users execute safe and easy payment on Web3 transactions. Additionally, within Mini Apps, Toncoin’s native crypto, $TON, can be transacted for crypto-based transactions within the Telegram ecosystem.
  • Streamlining DeFi Interactions
    Telegram Mini Apps offer less users a unified and easy to use interface that abstracts DeFi’s overall cumbersome user experience. Users should then be able to invest in DeFi on Telegram via trading or staking, and use NFTs from one source and lend or borrow cryptocurrencies from another, all while communicating via the social network. Utilising a potential defi staking platform development for such purpose is going to have a huge advantage for newly established crypto companies.
  • Blockchain Gaming
    The blockchain gaming sector has also a role in Telegram Mini Apps, and a number of popular titles have already embraced the technology, as well as enabling users to interact within a customised app environment. A TON toolkit called PlayDeck allows developers to effortlessly publish accessible games to Telegram, expanding the gaming environment and offering new outlets for interaction.
  • Growing the Web3 Audience
    With telegram mini-apps, it’s a chance to scale the web3 market massively by leveraging telegram’s estimated 800 million users. Successful web3 marketing from telegram bots and crypto community management will bring millions of newbies into the world of crypto by connecting directly with telegram’s mini-apps as convenient telegram-based dapps.

Popular Play to Earn Games on Telegram in 2024

  • NOTCoin A new community coin in the TON blockchain, which was created by the Telegram team. And also a gaming bot application in which you can farm a token simply by clicking on a button!
  • TapSwap is another tap (clicker game) in the web3 world, which is integrated into the Telegram bot.
    Tap Swap is already played by 31 million users worldwide. In terms of mechanics, it is similar to Notcoin, and is much more primitive than Hamster Kombat.
    It was previously announced that the coin to be released would be on the Solana blockchain, but a few days ago the decision was changed. There is no information yet on what the blockchain will be.
  • Hamster Kombat, a free web3 game on the Telegram bot, was created in 2024 and its popularity thrived with people due to prospective free crypto coins in the future. Game mechanics: make a click (tap) on a hamster – and get virtual coins. With a click on the hamster, in future, you will get crypto money. Buy a passive income card, purchasing in-game coins (you do not need to press on a hamster, money will be automatically added to your balance).The coin of Notcoin – which, like most things else in this joke, was featured as an in-game listing in a copycat Telegram bot game – was listed for trading on 16 May 2024. Players who’d played ahead of time could claim the Notcoin and, if they’d wished, they could unload their surplus and cash in as well. With that in mind, almost any copycat investor from that game would likely see a similar path for hamster-slapping gamers and join up to bootstomp hamsters.

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