Comparing vs Toptal for Hiring Developers

Nowadays, it becomes difficult to find the right software developers, especially in the face of an ever-increasing competition. The high demand results in an ever-increasing number of platforms and services, which makes the challenge of finding the right one much harder and more time-consuming. and Toptal are a few recruiting platforms, which provide the possibility of working with the best and most reliable developers.In this post we’re going to look in detail at these sites, compare the features, pricing models, hiring process and test the quality of the developers provided.
Comparing <span></span> vs <span>Toptal</span> for Hiring Developers
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Table of Contents

Understanding the Basics: What are and Toptal?

Now, just before diving into the details, here is a brief overview of and Toptal.

If you are looking for the right developer for your software development needs, you probably heard of and Toptal, two popular platforms. Until you don’t have inside knowledge, you will probably end up using them if you are growing as a startup and need to build a development team, or need specialised skills in an enterprise context.

Introduction to is an invite-only marketplace that certifies top freelance developers and connects them to companies who need them. We know that finding developers with the right skills is only half the battle, you also need them to fit into the team. With you can hire developers as a part time, full time, or project-based employee.

Another thing that sets apart is that all their developers go through a rigorous vetting process. They test their software, investigate them for competence and professionalism, and then just hire the best candidates. So when you work with someone from, you can be confident as a client that they’ll perform exceptionally.

Further, provides you with a simple dashboard directly from the platform that allows you to search and hire developers: simply you can explore talents in different categories, filter them according to set parameters like skills, experiences and availability.

Introduction to Toptal

While Toptal does also use matching to connect businesses with top-tier developers, their approach is a bit of a variation on the theme. Toptal matches your business with talent from an elite network of top developers who have been rigorously pre-vetted; in fact, they accept only the top 3 per cent of talent among applicants who apply for their platform.

When you hire a developer through Toptal, you know you’re bringing on someone with actual experience working on successful projects. Before being invited to work with a client in the first place, they have to give Toptal’s screening process the green light. Screening involves passing technical assessments, completing live coding exercises, and sometimes even chairing multiple long-form interviews. The end result is more than enough confidence that any developer placed by Toptal will excel at not only technical skills, but communication and problem-solving.

The other special aspect of Toptal is that – unlike many freelancer marketplaces, which tend to be static or relationship-focused, why might any worker ever apply to one of these sites in the first place? – they have a dedicated platform for bringing on developers for both short-term projects and long-term positions, at will. This means a developer can help you with a task, or you can foster a long-term relationship. As needs arise, or recede, you can scale your development team up and down.

Also, Toptal takes it a step further and can help match developers to you: it can get to know your specific project (how many developers you need and for how long), as well as the nuances of your company culture, and match you accordingly.

In conclusion, and Toptal are the perfect tools for any business that needs a good software developer. If your priority is flexibility, could be the best option for you. Meanwhile, if you’re more focused on gaining access to an exclusive talent pool, then Toptal is the way to go.

Key Features of and Toptal

Having this basic understanding, it is easier for us to discuss the main differences between the two platforms: and Toptal.

Unique Features of

What made stand out, however, is their focus on flexibility and integration. When you hire a freelancer developer at, you’re getting someone who will become part of your team, who will follow your workflow, who will fit into your infrastructure and get things done. That focus on flexibility means that you can scale your team up and down as needed by the project.

Additionally, is aware of the need for good communication in remote work settings, and they have invested heavily in communication with a client – you. Built-in high-quality communication software is always available to help you contact your outsourced developers. Everything you want to say can be translated accurately and without delays. Working with is as easy as turning on the video.

Moreover has a great variety of specialists with experience in multiple programming languages and technologies. So, if you require a specialist developer in a different technology stack, for example a front-end developer, a back-end developer or a full-stack specialist, you’ll find the right professional in Lemon.

Unique Features of Toptal

The biggest stand-out feature of Toptal is that it screens for talent. Its stringent process entails taking on only the best of the best (the name comes from the idea that it employs a super-top percentage of developers). In theory, this means that every developer you work with will be not just accomplished at his craft, but also subject to a rigorous process of screening and scrutiny before being accepted. In practical terms, this significantly raises the likelihood that your projects will be in good hands.

And that’s much more than just another place to hire developers. Toptal goes far beyond the capability to develop just the software portion of your project as the company has expert talent that can be engaged for designers, project managers and finance experts too, so you can build a full-blown, problem-solving team with all the members ready to dive into your project head-first, ensuring from both the breadth and depth of your problem-solving project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Toptal not only have a rigorous screening process, but also runs a trial period for its clients, so you can work with the developer or a team of professionals for three months on a trial basis without making a long-term commitment. You can see if their skill set, fit and style of working are a perfect match for your project.

Moreover, during the project, Toptal will give additional support and guidance through the dedicated project managers who will work closely with the client to identify and define the project objectives, envision the strategy and help ensure smooth project participation. This is exactly the professional support that is useful and so necessary to successfully complete a project and is exactly what has been missing so far. Toptal provides you with a real partner along the entire path to completing your project.

Pricing Structure: vs Toptal

Finally, let’s discuss the pricing models of and Toptal because this is where the influence begins.

Pricing Details of

A will be very good value for money as they have completely transparent pricing that varies dependant on the actual developer experience and talents selected. You can choose part-time, full-time and project-based environments to fit the budget and requirement.

Pricing is dependent on the engagement. offers attractive options to startups or growing companies on a tight budget, and also custom solutions for enterprises or companies that need to add more employees to their development team. In addition to full-time rates, also offers competitive part-time pricing.

Or if you need full-time developers, has a lot of great packages that include dedicated resources who would focus solely on your projects. This way, you can collaborate with them and turn around projects far more quickly.’s full-time package gives you access to the talent you expect at the cost that is friendly to your pocket.

If you have a special project and want to work on a project basis, has you covered: With them, you can create a special project-based contract and pay per hour, without limiting the retainers. This means you get to choose the scope of the project, along with a precise budget for them to follow.

Pricing Details of Toptal

You get what you pay for. Toptal is very honestly priced to reflect the quality of developers available. Working with Toptal will be a material investment, but this should matter less when you consider the long-term added value – and cost savings – of working at this level.

Because of the level of vetting, there’s a higher price point for Toptal, but consider this: you’re getting a thoroughly vetted expert in the top 3 per cent of developers, which means much more time to pursue your interests while getting rid of endless low-quality freelancers you have to spend time weeding through.

Yes, you will pay more upfront when you hire from Toptal, as opposed to other sites such as But you’ll make up for it in the long run. When you work with developers from Toptal, you’ll get pros who not only speak English well and can communicate effectively, but who also understand the business. That often results in a smoother project execution, with fewer costly delays and reworks.

Moreover, it gives you access to first-rate human capital. When you hire these individuals, you have access to all the knowledge and experience they have built through their careers, and which you would otherwise have had to spend years collecting at your own expense. This means that you can make sounder decisions, avoid common mistakes, and be more successful in your business.

To summarise: yes, Toptal is more expensive, but the quality, expertise and long-term cost savings are much better than any other typical suppliers.

The Hiring Process: A Comparative Analysis

One of the most important levers in evaluating these platforms is how hiring works, so let’s dive into that a bit. Here’s how the hiring process works at and Toptal.

You don’t want a painful and long process when it comes to hiring developers for your project, and both and Toptal have developed perfectly understandable hiring processes that will help you get it right.

Hiring Process at

At, we handpick developers that are suitable for your project specification so you don’t have to pick from hundreds or thousands of candidates’ CVs. After you make your selection, you can assess the candidates’ skill level, competence, and fit with a phone or real-time video interview.

And the #1 benefit is communication.When you work with someone you need to understand. You need to understand what they are doing and why. You need to get information and provide it. At communication is a high priority. They give you the tools and the support to make sure you can communicate well with the devs while selecting them. You can hit the ground running.

Hiring Process at Toptal

But at Toptal, we take an active and involved approach to hiring. Toptal assigns you a dedicated Talent Matcher who will learn about your project needs. The Talent Matcher acts as your advocate, guiding you through various questions to get a detailed understanding of your needs, from technical skills requirements to project scope and timeline.

Given the premise, the Talent Matcher will identify the top developers who are a good fit for your project. They are a good fit when they are a right fit. A tailored fit, derived from the handpicked talent identified for you by the Talent Matcher. Enough pitch, and now for the selling point. Top talent is available exclusively through Toptal. These are the best of the best. We screen every single developer from all over the world, and then present you with the elite talent that is perfectly matched to your needs.

From start to finish, Toptal takes care of the whole process, so you have time to concentrate on everything else: Toptal understands that finding top-notch developers and going through the entire hiring process can be time-consuming and complicated. They’re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

Furthermore, Toptal offers a service fill the work after the hiring process is complete: that is, a platform for continuous work and communication with the candidate you hire. As a result, you both get to work together live and develop your project.

In conclusion, and Toptal, which developed custom hiring, both try to make your work easier and your path to the best candidates clearer. It could be either a list of tasks or personal approach – whatever works for you.

Quality of Developers: vs Toptal

When hiring developers, it is important to look at the inherent quality and the expert skills. To see how and Toptal deal with this, let’s check it out.

Evaluating Developer Quality at provides only developers of the highest quality – or so they boast. This is because each and every developer on has undergone an extensive vetting process, where technical capabilities, knowledge and expertise, and previous career experience, are carefully reviewed and verified. By doing so, promises to vet developers based on their ability and comfort-level with a wide array of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used within the industry.

In addition, considers how well the developer actually solves problems and co-operates – whether in the past and therefore potential in the future – by reviewing their previous projects, searching for evidence of effective collaboration, inspirational lateral thinking and clean code.

Following client feedback, the company sends another evaluation to the developer to help them improve their performance. But a developer is never hired until he or she passes a series of tests and interviews. Even after the developer has been accepted into the talent pool, the company monitors the individual’s performance. The company has a team that collects regular assessments from the client – again, another feedback loop. With these mechanisms in place, not all developers can remain hidden in their bubbles.

Evaluating Developer Quality at Toptal

Toptal’s very rigorous screening process makes sure that only the best, most elite, most skilled developers pass through. They have their own way of raising the bar for everybody: if you contract with them, you’ll get higher-caliber developer talent than you ever thought possible.

At Toptal, a developer must pass through several rounds of technical evaluation, live coding and interviews that probe mostly the problem-solving abilities, thinking (particularly, a keen focus in defining requirements), type-safety and code quality, and familiarity with proven practices.

Toptal also demands good communications and teamwork. Can the developer work effectively in a remote team, explaining complex technical details persuasively and clearly, from day one? And can the applicant relate to the other team members? Toptal considers this.

By making this the de facto bar for entry, and having such a lengthy vetting process, Toptal ensures that they have developers who not only have excellent technical skills, but also communicate well and work well as part of a team.

Customer Support and Assistance

Customer support and assistance during the hiring process, which is essential to a positive experience in my opinion, are just some of the factors I’d like to contrast between and Toptal.

Customer Support at

Customer satisfaction is critical to, so we go beyond just finding the best developer to devote attention to detailed support measures across the engagement cycle. One of our core strengths with customer support is that each client is assigned a dedicated account manager. The account manager is the customer’s point of contact and he or she will communicate with and coordinate the parties concerned during the process.’s support doesn’t end with just optimising customer service channels, it also acts as a collaborative tool that helps to bring the client and developer teams closer to one another, giving them a chance to see the project from each other’s perspectives and share a sense of purpose.

Customer Support at Toptal

Like, Toptal stresses excellent client service. They know that communication is the backbone of any successful development project. Each Toptal client has a dedicated Engagement Manager who acts as a liaison between the client and the developers.

Their role is that of an Engagement Manager for the client, a single point of contact through which all queries, concerns and requests pass. They spend their time managing the client to determine what they need from the developers and convey those requirements and expectations, reducing misunderstandings and keeping projects on track.

Indeed, connections are another focus of Toptal’s efforts: the company seems mindful of the fact that technical aptitude is only one piece of the puzzle for high-calibre work, and high-end clients want to maintain functional relationships with their contractors. Toptal wants to create developers who become interwoven into clients’ organisations. ‘They can go into a environment where the skills they have are immediately transferable,’ Gupta tells me. Toptal makes sure its developers adopt the mindset that they’re not coming in to pump out a widget and get out but to collaborate as if they were full-fledged staff members.

Overall, and Toptal make customer support and assistance their main priority. Both of these platforms emphasise that they are not only matching developers with technical skills, but are necessary to have a reliable partner who is willing to support and assist you in hiring your developers. Whether it’s a dedicated account manager or Engagement Manager in or Toptal, their ultimate goal is to make sure that a client does not end up getting hurt during the hiring process.

Pros and Cons: vs Toptal and Toptal are some of the most famous websites to develop your various projects with. We will be focussing on the pros and cons of using these websites. Let’s get started.

Advantages of Using

But come to us under an umbrella of flexible engagement. You can hire development resource for as long or short as you want. You can hire them for a project that you want to get over just once, a firefighting situation, or you can hire them for a longer duration. So that works well.

Furthermore, the platform emphasises smooth integration, so that the freelance developers don’t become embedded on your payroll; instead, they ‘fit in’ with your team. guarantees smooth integration between the freelance developer and the rest of your team as well as ensuring that the freelancer becomes ‘part of your team’. In order to acheive these objectives, the developers are selected to meet your specific needs. The developers are assigned to your project based on your requirements and your personal expectations, as well as a review of the developer’s track record.

Moreover, is an agency that is interested in delivering developers with proven skills. It carefully checks out the developers in its network, making sure that they are able to consistently produce high-quality code. Essentially, if you decide to use developers from, you can be much more confident in the fact that you get quality work for your project consistently.

Disadvantages of Using

Despite all the benefits of, as well as top talent, there are a few possible downsides as well. The first is that the talent pool is not exclusive. While there are checks that a developer passes through before being added to the site, it is not as exclusive of top talent as a company like Toptal. That does not mean there is no talent on Lemon.

Any freelancing platform may have communication and project management issues at some level. tries very hard to make this experience seamless, but it is a collaborative engagement where good communication and project coordination are often dependent on the other party, which may come with some challenges. Setting up communication stream and expectations helps mitigate issues.

Additionally, cannot guarantee the same level of screening as Toptal. Although they do check their developers meet certain specifications, the reality is that the closer the profile match the more competitive the salary will be. So, there might be less of those perfect matches for you, leading to a bit more fine tuning.

Advantages of Using Toptal

Its network consists of what it proclaims to be an elite class of seasoned developers who have been carefully ‘vetted’ (Toptal’s portmanteau word for screening and interviewing). Indeed, its first value (yes, it has three of these) reads: Vetting is hell.Precisely. It makes for standing out among the herd of cheap but crap options. Only the truly good (and, presumably, the slightly greedy) will submit to the hell. But they are worth it.

Beyond all that, they don’t just have the best talent, but also the best customer support — from the time that you’re thinking of hiring someone, to those rare times when something goes wrong. Their aim is to help you whenever you need it.

Furthermore, you could argue that an elite reputation could be an advantage for some assignments. If you’re seeking developers with a particular niche set of skills or level of experience, Toptal’s talent pool might represent a greater variety of niche options, allowing you to access developers who have demonstrated their success in a certain area.

Disadvantages of Using Toptal

There are some minor issues with Toptal. On the negative side, the price is higher than other options. If you are a small business or work at a startup, you might not have the budget to afford their more expensive prices. The exclusivity and level of talent comes at a higher price. The exclusivity is what makes the site so appealing though, along with the high level of talent. If you have the budget, then Toptal is the way to go.

Since the talent pool is so exclusive, you might not get as many options as you’ll find elsewhere, Whereas Toptal connects you to some of the absolute best development talent in the world, there might be an extensive pool of otherwise qualified freelancers elsewhere. Of course, this also means there might be more mismatches when trying to find developers whose exact skill-sets match your exact project specifications. The verdict? Toptal is very good and (barring any mission critical bugs) will meet non-mission critical business expectations. You’ll be able to find many well-qualified developers, many of them extremely well-qualified.

Finally, the opportunity costs and potential learning curve associated with finding the ideal developer can be considerable. Although Toptal’s talent pool is excellent, if you have a highly specialised project, you might find that you need to explain the specifics in detail in order to find the right people for the right job, which could consume more time in terms of developer screening and finding a suitable match.

Conclusion: Which Platform is Right for You?

In the end, it’s up to your business needs, your budget, and the requirements of your project to choose between and Toptal. If your organisation values flexibility, the ability to integrate your developers easier, and can’t disregard cost, is the better choice. But if you’re willing to pay for the best of the best on an interview- and skills-based platform and your project requires developers with specialised niche skills or very particular set of expertise, Toptal is a better option.

What is worthy of mention here is that, by the way, if the aforementioned platforms don’t fit your criteria, you still have the opportunity to hire a dedicated software developer.

If Toptal,, other recruiting services and job boards are not your 1st option, you may want to consider a client-oriented service like Upstaff to find developers. Upstaff has a network of vetted and tested software engineers. Here you can hire web developers for a few simple coding tasks or a long-term responsible roles like founding engineers. With platforms and services like the ones mentioned herein, you finally have a reliable solution to your development chores and thus there is nothing to stop you from realizing your loftiest expectations meant to give impetus to your business fortunes.

If you need talented software developers to create precise results, Upstaff is here for you. Visit our site to learn more about our development services and let’s make your project beat all competitors!


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