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RPA Automation Analyst in Mexico for a manufacturing company

Last Updated: 26 Apr 2024

- We are looking for an RPA Automation Analyst for a manufacturing company in Mexico that produces cooling and refrigeration systems to review the client's customer service function, understand the key customer queries, understand how they currently solve them, and look for efficiencies and automation potential.  - Spanish speaking is a key requirement, as the Customer Service function is in the Mexico region. - English is also a must-have, as you will support Technical leads and Conversational AI specialists from the US and UK. - Start: ASAP - Duration: 4-6 weeks initially leading into phase 2, which could be 3-6 months - Location: Mexico

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Data Engineer for Biotech startup (AWS data stack)

Last Updated: 16 May 2024

The innovative biotech medical & well-being startup, which develops in-clinic solutions for treating psychological, psycho-somatic, and other disorders, enhancing sleep quality & wellness, is looking for a Data Engineer to build its Cloud Data Platform which will aggregate, process, and analyze clinical session data, de-personalize. patient information. We are currently developing software for the intersection of medical technology, data engineering, and applicability and integrating third-party sensors into our devices.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Senior Data Engineer

Last Updated: 16 May 2024

- Start: ASAP - Duration: 3 months, full-time - Overlapping (80%) with USA time (EST) is required for this role, so the candidate should be ready & flexible to work in the client's time zone - Interviewing process: Hackerrank test, Technical Interview, Client Interview - Locations: Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania - Local PE in one of the indicated locations is needed to sign a B2B contract.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

Last Updated: 24 Apr 2024

Outsourcing & Team augmentation agency (alternative to Upwork, Toptal, and Turing) is looking for SEO expert to promote platform users, company services and expertise. - Long-term (part or full-time) - Start ASAP - Upper-Intermediate English

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Data Analyst (FBA)

Last Updated: 1 Mar 2023

FBA Product Team is looking for a Junior/Middle Analyst. Native or Fluent English, 08:00AM - 05:00PM EST Working schedule. This position is considered to be an alternative to a native USA candidate.





Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook

Data QA

Data QA

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Vitalii Stalynskyi
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Наталья Кравцова
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FAQs about Data Analyst Developer Job

What is the scope and career growth in data analysis jobs? Arrow

Data analysis jobs have a wide scope and offer big chances for career growth. Industries worldwide are turning to data for better decisions. This means more demand for skilled data analysts. You can find jobs in many areas like finance, marketing, and healthcare. With businesses focusing more on data, the field of data analysis is sure to grow.

Which are the best companies for data analysts and where can I find data analysis jobs near me? Arrow

The best companies for data analysts are well-known, such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. To find jobs near your location, check job portals and LinkedIn. Also, look at company websites. Recruitment agencies specialized in data analysis can also help you.

Are there entry-level data analysis jobs available, and how can I land my first data analyst job? Arrow

Yes, there are entry-level data analysis jobs in a range of industries. To start as a data analyst, get the right skills and certifications. Doing internships, freelancing, or volunteering can get you experience. Network and search online job platforms. Always customize your resume to highlight your data skills.

Are there freelance and remote data analysis job opportunities? Arrow

Yes, there are many freelance and remote data analysis jobs. Companies are more open to remote work now. Use websites like Upwork or Freelancer to find projects. Networking with other data analysts can help you find remote work opportunities.

What are the career progression paths in data analysis and how can I advance? Arrow

To grow your data analysis career, you can specialize in areas like data reporting. These roles need advanced skills in data analysis. Consider getting more certifications or a master’s degree. Keep learning about new technologies. Good communication skills are also important for moving into management roles.

What are the future trends in data analysis jobs? Arrow

Data analysis is always changing. Future trends include more AI and big data analytics. There’s also a focus on data ethics. Analysts with skills in these areas will be very sought-after.

What are some tips for landing a data analysis job? Arrow

To get a data analysis job, you need good technical skills and a strong portfolio. Network with other data professionals and attend events. This can lead you to job opportunities. We always advise customizing your resume for the job you are applying for.

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Table of Contents

Are you on the hunt for thrilling data analysis roles? We’ve got you covered. In this piece, you’ll explore the finest data analyst jobs across the USA. It’s perfect for both seasoned pros and newbies looking to launch their careers. We’ll guide you through finding stellar companies, prime entry-level roles, chances to work remotely, and ways to advance your career. So, find that ideal data analyst job that suits your skills, dreams, and where you want to work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover a wide range of data analyst job opportunities across the United States.
  • Explore job opportunities at renowned companies in the field of data analysis.
  • Find the best entry-level positions for aspiring data analysts.
  • Learn about remote data analyst opportunities that allow you to work from anywhere.
  • Gain valuable insights on advancing your data analyst career and finding new job opportunities.

Best Companies for Data Analysts

Looking for the best companies to work for as a data analyst? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the top organizations with great data analyst jobs waiting for you.

Company X shines in this area. It’s famous for its smart data methods and new technology. Here, you’ll find amazing chances to grow your career. You’ll get to work on big projects and help create new data strategies.

Company Y is also a key player. It offers a lot of data for you to work with. You’ll be in a lively team that’s changing the future. Working here means learning a lot from top pros in the field.

Looking to make an impact? Company Z is where you want to be. Your work as a data analyst can shape real change. Imagine helping in health or saving the planet. This is your place to shine.

“Working at Company X has been an incredible experience. The company’s dedication to data analysis and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation are unmatched. I am constantly motivated to excel in my role as a data analyst.”

Want a place known for its love of data and growth? That’s Company A for you. They use data to make big decisions. It’s a great place to get better at your job and help the company succeed.

Then there’s Company B, with its wide variety of projects. You’ll dive into new technologies and learn across different areas. As a data analyst at Company B, there’ll never be a dull moment.

These companies are just a start for data analysts. They offer exciting work, chances to learn from the best, and the ability to really influence where data analysis is going.

Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs

Just starting as a data analyst? Good news! Many top companies are hiring entry-level positions. They welcome new talent and help them gain real experience.

Looking for the best places to start as a data analyst? Think about the company’s work culture and how much you can grow. Consider what projects you might get to work on. Here are some companies with good programs for new analysts:

  1. ABC Data Solutions
  2. XYZ Analytics
  3. DataCo

ABC Data Solutions offers great training for new analysts. They have mentoring and hands-on work with big data. XYZ Analytics is known for its tech focus. They tackle projects at the frontier of data analysis. DataCo is a growing startup that promotes creativity. They encourage analysts to think outside the box.

These places are great for learning and advancing in data analysis. They pay well and have good benefits. Plus, you can move up in your career there. By working at any of these, you’ll get the experience and skills needed for success in this field.

“As an entry level data analyst, ABC Data Solutions has been key to my start. The training helped me build strong analytic skills. I also got to use different tools.”
– Jane Smith, Data Analyst

Are you a new grad or thinking of switching careers? Entry-level jobs in data analysis are a great way to begin. Explore these chances to work with leaders in the industry!

ABC Data Solutions– Comprehensive training programs
– Mentorship opportunities
– Hands-on experience with large datasets
XYZ Analytics– Focus on cutting-edge technology
– Projects that push the boundaries of data analysis
DataCo– Fast-growing startup
– Culture of innovation
– Opportunities for career advancement

Remote Data Analyst Opportunities

Looking for data analyst jobs you can do from anywhere? You’re in luck. Remote opportunities let you work from home or anywhere, keeping your career moving forward. These jobs fit both experienced pros and those new to the field.

Today, many companies are ready to hire data analysts who can work remotely. This is all thanks to better tech and a growing need for data skills. So, you can analyze data from your living room or a corner cafe.

If you’re new to data analysis, internships are a solid start. Remote internships offer real-world experience and the freedom to work from anywhere. They’re a great launchpad for your data analyst career.

Remote junior data analyst positions are perfect for those just starting. They offer real work experience and the chance to learn from others while working from home. It’s an ideal spot for beginners in the data analyst world.

Benefits of Remote Data Analyst Opportunities
1. Flexibility to work from anywhere
2. Increased work-life balance
3. Reduced commuting time and expenses
4. Exposure to remote collaboration tools and technologies
5. Access to global job opportunities

Being a remote data analyst lets you work on your terms. It breaks down location barriers and offers diverse job options. You can be a freelancer or find a remote team role. Keep an eye on job sites and company pages for the latest opportunities.

Advancing Your Data Analyst Career

Are you looking to become a data analyst or are already one? There are many ways to boost your career. This section will offer tips for getting a data analyst job and show different career paths.

How to Get a Data Analyst Job

To land a data analyst job, you need the right skills and knowledge. Follow these steps to up your chances:

  1. Educational Requirements: Get a degree in fields like data science or mathematics. Strong skills in math and analysis are key.
  2. Gain Practical Experience: Find internships or entry-level jobs to gain hands-on data analysis experience. This will help you show your skills to employers.
  3. Develop Technical Skills: Learn tools like Python, SQL, R, and Excel. It’s important to always keep learning new skills in this field.
  4. Showcase Your Projects: Build a portfolio with your data analysis projects. Highlight how you solve problems and find insights. This makes you stand out.
  5. Network and Attend Events: Join professional groups and go to events. Making connections in the field can open up job opportunities.

Exploring Data Analysis Career Paths

Data analysis lets you choose from many career paths. Consider specializing in areas like business, science, or market research. You could work as:

  • Business Analyst: Help businesses by making data-driven suggestions to improve processes.
  • Data Scientist: Use advanced methods to find insights in big data and solve complex problems.
  • Market Research Analyst: Analyze data to understand market trends and consumer behavior. Share insights that help make business decisions.
  • Financial Analyst: Look at financial data to give advice on investments and strategies.
  • Healthcare Analyst: Work in healthcare to improve patient care and how health services are delivered, using data analysis.

Job Opportunities for Data Analysts

The need for data analysts is increasing as more companies see the importance of data. Sectors like finance, healthcare, and technology are looking for skilled analysts to shape their strategies.

“The demand for data analysts is growing. Companies are eager to use data to make better decisions in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, marketing, and technology.”

Data analysts are wanted from small startups to big companies. With your skills and by seeking out jobs, you can find success and fulfillment in data analysis.


Data analysis is full of career chances in the U.S. You could love working with AI data. Maybe you want to work from home. Or your dream is to work for the biggest names.

We talked about the top places for data analysts. We looked at starting jobs, working from home, and ways to grow your career. Use this info to find the right job for you.

Either you’re just starting or have been at it for a while, data analysis can be very rewarding. Keep learning about new trends and tech to make the most of your career in this fast-changing area.

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