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Kostiantyn L., QA Automation Engineer

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2023

- 7+ years of experience in API and web testing. - Experienced in working with fintech, blockchain, billing systems, advertising systems, browser extensions, access systems, delivery services, and health insurance. - Excellent knowledge of Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript languages. - Proficient in using Selenide, Rest-assured, Protractor, Allure report, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins. - Skilled in creating mock servers for solving various tasks with third-party services. - Passionate about discovering new technologies and applying them to real projects. - Master's Degree in Management of Foreign Economic Activity. - Proficient in English (upper intermediate) and Ukrainian (native).

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Java   7 yr.


JavaScript   7 yr.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

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Yehor K., Java Software Engineer

Last Updated: 4 Jul 2023

- 4+ years of experience with Java and related technologies - Hand-on experience with Microservices architecture - Reviewed code and debugged errors to improve performance - Developed, and implemented software applications for websites based on analyzed requirements and understanding of industry technical standards - Reworked applications to meet changing market trends and individual customer demands - Upper-Intermediate English - Available ASAP

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Yehor K., Senior Java Engineer

Last Updated: 4 Jul 2023

- Have 5 years experience with Java and related technology; - Experience working with Docker; - Deep skills with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server; - Experience working with financial projects; - Good knowledge of PayPal API; - Experience working with AWS and Google API; - Experience with Microservices; - Good logical thinking, self-learning, high level of responsibility; - Responsible, hard-working, result-oriented, creative and communicative, team player; - Upper-Intermediate English.

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Yehor Sh., Java Software Engineer

Last Updated: 4 Jul 2023

- 5 years of experience in the IT industry working with Java; - Experience working with banking and financial projects, fintech sphere; - Good abilities with SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ; - Experience with AWS and Google API; - Good knowledge of C++ and JavaScript; - Good abilities working with PayPal API; - Deep skills working with Docker; - Have experience in programming Spring Framework; - Practice with Elasticsearch (Kibana); - Upper-Intermediate English.

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Eugene P., Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Java + React)

Last Updated: 4 Jul 2023

- Results-oriented Java and JavaScript software engineer with 5+ years of experience developing, testing, and maintaining enterprise software solutions. - Developed and maintained a bunch of advanced projects from use cases and functional requirements. - Good team player, quick learner, motivated and detail-oriented. - Upper-intermediate English - Available ASAP

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Our journey starts with a 30-min discovery call to explore your project challenges, technical needs and team diversity.
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Upstaff.com was launched in 2019, addressing software service companies, startups and ISVs, increasingly varying and evolving needs for qualified software engineers

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Henry Akwerigbe
Henry Akwerigbe
This is a super team to work with. Through Upstaff, I have had multiple projects to work on. Work culture has been awesome, teammates have been super nice and collaborative, with a very professional management. There's always a project for you if you're into tech such Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Development, Fullstack, Data Analytics, QA, Machine Learning / AI, Web3, Gaming and lots more. It gets even better because many projects even allow full remote from anywhere! Nice job to the Upstaff Team 🙌🏽.
Vitalii Stalynskyi
Vitalii Stalynskyi
I have been working with Upstaff for over a year on a project related to landscape design and management of contractors in land design projects. During the project, we have done a lot of work on migrating the project to a multitenant architecture and are currently working on new features from the backlog. When we started this project, the hiring processes were organized well. Everything went smoothly, and we were able to start working quickly. Payments always come on time, and there is always support from managers. All issues are resolved quickly. Overall, I am very happy with my experience working with Upstaff, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new project. They are a reliable company that provides great projects and conditions. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a partner for their next project.
Владислав «Sheepbar» Баранов
Владислав «Sheepbar» Баранов
We've been with Upstaff for over 2 years, finding great long-term PHP and Android projects for our available developers. The support is constant, and payments are always on time. Upstaff's efficient processes have made our experience satisfying and their reliable assistance has been invaluable.
Roman Masniuk
Roman Masniuk
I worked with Upstaff engineers for over 2 years, and my experience with them was great. We deployed several individual contributors to clients' implementations and put up two teams of upstaff engineers. Managers' understanding of tech and engineering is head and shoulders above other agencies. They have a solid selection of engineers, each time presented strong candidates. They were able to address our needs and resolve things very fast. Managers and devs were responsive and proactive. Great experience!
Yanina Antipova
Yanina Antipova
Хочу виразити велику подяку за таку швидку роботу по підбору двох розробників. Та ще й у такий короткий термін-2 дні. Це мене здивувало, адже ми шукали вже цілий місяць. І знайдені кандидати нам не підходили Це щось неймовірне. Доречі, ці кандидати працюють у нас і зараз. Та надать приклад іншим працівникам. Гарного дня!)
Наталья Кравцова
Наталья Кравцова
I discovered an exciting and well-paying project on Upstaff, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Upstaff's platform is a gem for freelancers like me. It not only connects you with intriguing projects but also ensures fair compensation and a seamless work environment. If you're a programmer seeking quality opportunities, I highly recommend Upstaff.
Leaving a review to express how delighted I am to have found such a great side gig here. The project is intriguing, and I'm really enjoying the team dynamics. I'm also quite satisfied with the compensation aspect. It's crucial to feel valued for the work you put in. Overall, I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project and share my expertise. I'm thrilled to give a shoutout and recommendation to anyone seeking an engaging and rewarding work opportunity.

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FAQs about Lombok Development

How do I hire a Lombok developer? Arrow

If you urgently need a verified and qualified Lombok developer, and resources for finding the right candidate are lacking, UPSTAFF is exactly the service you need. We approach the selection of Lombok developers professionally, tailored precisely to your needs. From placing the call to the completion of your task by a qualified developer, only a few days will pass.

Where is the best place to find Lombok developers? Arrow

Undoubtedly, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of specialized services and platforms on the network for finding the right Lombok engineer. However, only UPSTAFF offers you the service of selecting real qualified professionals almost in real time. With Upstaff, software development is easier than calling a taxi.

How are Upstaff Lombok developers different? Arrow

AI tools and expert human reviewers in the vetting process are combined with a track record and historically collected feedback from clients and teammates. On average, we save over 50 hours for client teams in interviewing Lombok candidates for each job position. We are fueled by a passion for technical expertise, drawn from our deep understanding of the industry.

How quickly can I hire Lombok developers through Upstaff? Arrow

Our journey starts with a 30-minute discovery call to explore your project challenges, technical needs, and team diversity. Meet Carefully Matched Lombok Talents. Within 1-3 days, we’ll share profiles and connect you with the right talents for your project. Schedule a call to meet engineers in person. Validate Your Choice. Bring a new Lombok developer on board with a trial period to confirm that you’ve hired the right one. There are no termination fees or hidden costs.

How does Upstaff vet remote Lombok engineers? Arrow

Upstaff Managers conduct an introductory round with potential candidates to assess their soft skills. Additionally, the talent’s hard skills are evaluated through testing or verification by a qualified developer during a technical interview. The Upstaff Staffing Platform stores data on past and present Lombok candidates. Upstaff managers also assess talent and facilitate rapid work and scalability, offering clients valuable insights into their talent pipeline. Additionally, we have a matching system within the platform that operates in real-time, facilitating efficient pairing of candidates with suitable positions.

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Hiring Lombok developers? Then you should know!

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Table of Contents

TOP 10 Facts about Lombok

  • Lombok is an island located in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia.
  • It is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is situated between the islands of Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east.
  • Lombok is known for its stunning landscapes, including pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lush green mountains.
  • The island is home to Mount Rinjani, an active volcano and the second highest volcano in Indonesia, standing at a height of 3,726 meters.
  • Lombok is famous for its traditional Sasak culture, which can be seen in the local architecture, arts, music, and dance.
  • Kuta Beach in Lombok is a popular destination for surfers, known for its world-class waves and uncrowded breaks.
  • The Gili Islands, located off the northwest coast of Lombok, are a group of three small islands known for their crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine life.
  • Lombok is also renowned for its production of high-quality pearls, particularly in the village of Sekotong on the southwest coast of the island.
  • The local cuisine in Lombok is characterized by spicy flavors and includes signature dishes like Ayam Taliwang (grilled chicken with spicy sauce) and Plecing Kangkung (water spinach salad with chili sauce).
  • Lombok is easily accessible by air, with the Lombok International Airport serving as the main gateway to the island.

Pros & cons of Lombok

6 Pros of Lombok

  • Reduces boilerplate code: Lombok provides annotations that automatically generate common code patterns, such as getters, setters, constructors, and toString methods. This leads to cleaner and more concise code.
  • Improves code readability: By eliminating repetitive code, Lombok makes the codebase more readable and easier to maintain. Developers can focus on the essential logic of their code rather than getting bogged down by mundane tasks.
  • Enhances developer productivity: With Lombok, developers can write code faster and more efficiently. The automatic generation of code reduces the need for manual typing and speeds up development time.
  • Integrates seamlessly with IDEs: Lombok seamlessly integrates with popular IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse. It provides comprehensive support, including code completion, refactoring, and error checking, making it easy to incorporate Lombok into existing projects.
  • Supports a wide range of annotations: Lombok offers a variety of annotations to cater to different code generation needs. From simple annotations like @Getter and @Setter to more advanced ones like @Builder and @Data, Lombok provides flexibility and customization options.
  • Has a large and active community: Lombok has a vibrant community of developers who actively contribute to its development and provide support. This ensures that Lombok is constantly updated, maintained, and improved.

6 Cons of Lombok

  • May lead to hidden complexity: While Lombok reduces boilerplate code, it may introduce hidden complexity. Generated code can be harder to debug and understand, especially for developers who are not familiar with Lombok.
  • Compatibility issues with some tools: Lombok’s code generation may not be fully compatible with certain tools or frameworks. This can cause conflicts and require additional configuration or workaround.
  • Learning curve: Developers need to learn and understand Lombok’s annotations and their usage. This adds an extra learning curve, especially for new team members or developers who are not familiar with Lombok.
  • Limited control over generated code: Lombok generates code automatically based on annotations, which means developers have limited control over the exact code that gets generated. This can be a constraint in certain scenarios where fine-grained control is required.
  • Potential for misuse: While Lombok provides powerful code generation capabilities, it can also be misused. Improper usage of annotations or excessive reliance on Lombok can lead to code that is harder to maintain or understand.
  • Dependency on Lombok library: Using Lombok introduces a dependency on the Lombok library. This means that the library needs to be included in the project’s dependencies and managed accordingly.

Cases when Lombok does not work

  1. Lombok does not work in environments where bytecode manipulation is not allowed or supported. This includes platforms such as Android, where bytecode manipulation is restricted due to security concerns. As a result, using Lombok annotations may lead to compilation errors or unexpected behavior.
  2. Lombok may not work properly with certain IDEs or build tools. Although Lombok is compatible with popular IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, there can be occasional compatibility issues. IDE updates or conflicts with other plugins could interfere with Lombok’s functionality, causing errors or preventing the annotations from being processed correctly.
  3. Some specific Lombok features may not work as expected in certain scenarios. For example, the `@Builder` annotation may not be compatible with classes that have non-nullability constraints or complex inheritance hierarchies. In such cases, using Lombok’s `@Builder` may result in compilation errors or incorrect behavior.
  4. Lombok’s interactions with other libraries or frameworks can sometimes cause conflicts. If you are using other code generation or bytecode manipulation libraries alongside Lombok, there is a possibility of clashes or interference between them. This can lead to unexpected behavior, compilation errors, or even runtime issues.
  5. Due to the nature of Lombok’s bytecode manipulation, it may not work seamlessly with certain advanced language features or bytecode transformations. For example, code that heavily relies on reflection, dynamic class loading, or custom class loaders may not interact well with Lombok. In such cases, Lombok’s features may not work as intended or may even break the code.

Let’s consider Difference between Junior, Middle, Senior, Expert/Team Lead developer roles.

Seniority NameYears of experienceResponsibilities and activitiesAverage salary (USD/year)
Junior0-2 yearsAssisting in the development of software applications under the guidance of senior developers, writing code based on specifications, debugging and testing code, participating in code reviews and learning new technologies and programming languages.$50,000 – $70,000
Middle2-5 yearsIndependently developing software applications, designing and implementing new features, collaborating with cross-functional teams, performing code reviews and providing feedback, troubleshooting and resolving technical issues, and continuously improving development processes.$70,000 – $90,000
Senior5-10 yearsLeading software development projects, mentoring junior and middle developers, architecting and designing complex systems, ensuring code quality and adherence to best practices, conducting performance optimizations, and collaborating with stakeholders to define project requirements and objectives.$90,000 – $120,000
Expert/Team Lead10+ yearsProviding technical leadership and guidance to the development team, making strategic decisions regarding technology stack and architecture, managing project timelines and deliverables, coordinating with other teams and stakeholders, conducting performance evaluations, and driving innovation and continuous improvement.$120,000 – $150,000+

How and where is Lombok used?

Case NameCase Description
Simplify Getter and Setter MethodsLombok provides the @Getter and @Setter annotations, which automatically generate the getter and setter methods for class fields. This eliminates the need to manually write repetitive boilerplate code, saving development time and reducing the chances of introducing errors.
Reduce Boilerplate CodeLombok eliminates the need for writing repetitive code by providing annotations such as @Data, which automatically generates the required code for equals, hashCode, and toString methods, as well as the getter and setter methods.
ImmutabilityBy using the @Value annotation, Lombok allows developers to easily create immutable classes. Immutable objects can greatly simplify the design and implementation of certain algorithms and data structures, as they cannot be modified once created.
Fluent BuildersThe @Builder annotation provided by Lombok enables the creation of fluent builders for constructing complex objects. This allows for a more concise and readable code, as well as providing flexibility in setting different attributes of an object during its construction.
Equals and HashCode MethodsThe @EqualsAndHashCode annotation generates the equals and hashCode methods based on the fields of a class. This is particularly useful when dealing with objects that need to be compared for equality or stored in collections that rely on these methods.
LoggingLombok provides the @Slf4j annotation, which automatically generates a logger field for the class. This simplifies the process of logging by eliminating the need to manually create logger instances, and allows for consistent and standardized logging throughout the application.
Custom AnnotationsLombok allows developers to create their own custom annotations using the @interface keyword. This can be useful in creating reusable code patterns, enforcing coding standards, or implementing domain-specific functionality.
Code CleanupUsing Lombok’s annotations can result in cleaner and more concise code. By eliminating boilerplate code, developers can focus on writing the core logic of their applications, leading to improved code readability and maintainability.

Soft skills of a Lombok Developer

Soft skills are important for a Lombok Developer as they help in effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Here are the soft skills required at different levels of expertise:


  • Adaptability: Able to quickly learn and adjust to new technologies and frameworks.
  • Teamwork: Collaborating with team members to achieve project goals.
  • Communication: Clearly conveying ideas and actively listening to others.
  • Time Management: Prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.
  • Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to code quality and documentation.


  • Leadership: Taking ownership of tasks and guiding junior developers.
  • Problem Solving: Analyzing complex issues and proposing effective solutions.
  • Critical Thinking: Evaluating different perspectives and making informed decisions.
  • Mentoring: Supporting and coaching junior team members.
  • Conflict Resolution: Resolving conflicts within the team in a constructive manner.
  • Collaboration: Working effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Adaptability: Adapting to changing project requirements and priorities.


  • Strategic Thinking: Aligning development efforts with business goals.
  • Project Management: Planning and executing complex projects.
  • Decision Making: Making informed decisions based on data and experience.
  • Influence: Persuading stakeholders and driving consensus.
  • Empathy: Understanding and addressing the needs of team members.
  • Continuous Learning: Keeping up with industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • Presentation Skills: Effectively communicating technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Client Management: Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients.

Expert/Team Lead

  • Strategic Planning: Setting long-term development goals and strategies.
  • Team Management: Leading and inspiring a team of developers.
  • Innovation: Driving innovation and exploring new technologies.
  • Business Acumen: Understanding the business context of development projects.
  • Decision Making: Making high-stakes decisions with confidence.
  • Conflict Resolution: Resolving conflicts at both the team and organizational level.
  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrating deep knowledge of Lombok and related technologies.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks in development projects.
  • Client Engagement: Building strong relationships with clients and understanding their needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Establishing partnerships with other organizations.
  • Thought Leadership: Contributing to the broader development community through speaking engagements, publications, etc.

What are top Lombok instruments and tools?

  • Lombok: Lombok is a Java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java. Never write another getter or equals method again, with one annotation your class has a fully featured builder, Automate your logging variables, and much more. It is widely used in the Java community and has been around since 2011. Lombok helps to reduce boilerplate code and improve code readability.
  • Delombok: Delombok is a command-line tool that can convert Lombok’s annotations to their respective Java code representation. It is useful when you want to share your code with developers who do not have Lombok installed or to understand how Lombok annotations affect your code at compile-time. Delombok is often used in conjunction with Lombok to generate the source code with all the Lombok annotations expanded.
  • Lombok IntelliJ Plugin: The Lombok IntelliJ Plugin adds support for Lombok annotations in IntelliJ IDEA. It provides code completion, inspections, and quick-fixes for Lombok annotations, making it easier to work with Lombok-powered code in IntelliJ IDEA. The plugin has been actively maintained and updated to support the latest versions of IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Lombok Eclipse Plugin: Similar to the IntelliJ plugin, the Lombok Eclipse Plugin adds support for Lombok annotations in Eclipse IDE. It enhances the Eclipse IDE with code completion, validation, and other features specific to Lombok annotations. The plugin has been widely adopted by Eclipse users and continues to receive updates and improvements.
  • Lombok Maven Plugin: The Lombok Maven Plugin integrates Lombok into your Maven build process. It automatically processes the Lombok annotations during compilation, generating the necessary code and making it available for subsequent build steps. The plugin simplifies the configuration and usage of Lombok in Maven projects, ensuring a smooth build process.
  • Lombok Gradle Plugin: The Lombok Gradle Plugin serves the same purpose as the Maven plugin but is tailored for Gradle-based projects. It seamlessly integrates Lombok into the Gradle build process, allowing you to use Lombok annotations without any additional configuration. The plugin is actively maintained and compatible with the latest Gradle versions.
  • Lombok Android Plugin: The Lombok Android Plugin extends Lombok’s capabilities to Android development. It provides annotations and features specific to Android development, such as generating Parcelable implementations, binding views, and simplifying Android resource handling. The plugin has gained popularity among Android developers and continues to evolve with the Android platform.

TOP 10 Lombok Related Technologies

  • Java

    Java is the most popular programming language for Lombok software development. It is known for its simplicity, scalability, and platform independence. Java provides a wide range of libraries and frameworks that make it easy to develop robust and efficient applications.

  • Spring Boot

    Spring Boot is a widely used framework for building Java-based applications. It simplifies the development process by providing out-of-the-box solutions for common tasks such as database integration, security, and RESTful API development. Spring Boot is highly customizable and allows developers to quickly build and deploy applications.

  • React

    React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is widely used in Lombok software development due to its component-based architecture and efficient rendering capabilities. React allows developers to create interactive and responsive user interfaces, making it a popular choice for web development.

  • Angular

    Angular is a TypeScript-based framework for building web applications. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for developing scalable and maintainable applications. Angular is widely adopted in Lombok software development for its robustness, modularity, and support for reactive programming.

  • Node.js

    Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 engine. It allows developers to build scalable and high-performance network applications. Node.js is commonly used in Lombok software development for server-side scripting, real-time applications, and microservices architecture.

  • MySQL

    MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system. It is widely used in Lombok software development for its scalability, reliability, and ease of integration. MySQL provides a wide range of features and tools for efficient data storage and retrieval.

  • Docker

    Docker is an open-source platform for automating the deployment and management of applications. It allows developers to package their applications and dependencies into containers, which can be easily deployed across different environments. Docker is widely used in Lombok software development for its efficiency, portability, and scalability.

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