Accelerating Talent Acquisition for Insurance and Consulting Excellence

<span>Accelerating Talent Acquisition</span> for Insurance and Consulting Excellence
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Field: Insurance and consulting

The world of insurance, taxation, and consulting services for medium-sized businesses is an exciting and ever-changing industry that’s been thriving for decades. With fierce competition and ambitious global goals, companies must keep their eyes peeled and move fast to stay ahead of the curve. Businesses are continually looking for new opportunities to grow, keeping a close eye on industry trends and competitors’ successes and adapting quickly to changes in laws and business practices.

About the Client

The client company is among the top 100 largest accounting firms in the United Kingdom and represents a powerful network of insurance, taxation, and consulting experts. The global team comprises over 64,000 employees, and the number of offices exceeds 820 in America, Europe, CIS countries, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Key Project Requirements

The company had given us an exciting request to assemble a dynamic team for a 2-month research project. Pending the success of this phase, we would have determined the feasibility of moving forward with the implementation of research. At that time, we were seeking specialists for the following positions:

  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Expert User Researcher

All the vacancies were urgent.

The client encountered challenges in assembling a high-tier IT research team within a reasonable time frame, with the most challenging part being finding suitable candidates for the Expert User Researcher position.

The search was allotted a two-week timeframe, with an immediate start following the selection process. Any delays could lead to substantial losses in the fast-paced and fiercely competitive financial services market, where competitors do not allow for extended ramp-up periods for project commencement and execution.

Additional requirements imposed by the client influencing the hiring and team formation process:

  • Candidates had to be in Poland and have Polish Individual Entrepreneur status.
  • Extensive experience in conducting workshops and presentations.
  • Willingness to participate in a short-term project with the possibility of extension.
  • Agreement to work late according to the client’s schedule – until 19:00 CEST. Although this was more of a preference than a requirement, future team members were required to participate in all company client seminars held at the end of the working day.

Hiring process

First, we used Upstaff’s database to match our available engineers with the customer’s requirements while starting a reach-out campaign with LinkedIn, Ads, and job platforms.

Each potential candidate who met the position requirements underwent an introductory interview with our Manager to discuss rates, working conditions, and other aspects.

After the preliminary selection, candidates participated in a 30-minute interview with our technical team, during which they were comprehensively assessed on their professional skills, work experience, and level of team culture.

Matched candidates were sent to the client’s hiring manager with additional information to underline the match with the client’s needs and disclose additional aspects of the candidate’s experience.

The client’s hiring manager conducted 45-minute interviews with every candidate presented and made a decision.

Business Impact

The Upstaff team filled all key positions with three finalists who best met the client’s requirements and expectations. All of them began working on the project according to the planned schedule.

The formed team of specialists completed the research phase of the project and hypothesis testing 15% faster than the allotted time, allowing the main phase to start almost a week earlier. This helped achieve a significant lead over competitors, thereby carving out a niche with this product in the insurance consulting sector.

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