Explore New trends for crypto airdrops in 2024

In this article, I will delve into the latest trends and developments in the world of crypto airdrops and blockchain projects airdrops for the year 2024. As digital assets continue to gain prominence and popularity, staying informed about the newest strategies and opportunities in the market is crucial for maximizing returns and success.
<span>Explore New trends for crypto airdrops in 2024</span>
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Key Takeaways

  • Crypto airdrops are public giveaways by blockchain projects to the crypto community. By participating in airdrops, users can acquire digital assets without making monetary investments.
  • Among the more significant crypto airdrops for the year 2023 are Kai-Ching, NEAR, Pixels, Ethereum, Ronin, CARV, Jupiter Exchange, Solana, Matr1x, Polygon and Uniswap V3.
  • Some of the projects that will make a splash in the blockchain industry in 2024 are StarryNift, BNB Chain, Raydium Solana,Raydium Solana, Raydium Solana,ReadON, Layer3, motoDEX.
  • Other more recent airdrop programs, notably including Accumulated Finance, ZetaChain and Sweat Economy, are designed with these emerging themes in mind: how to provide a more fluid experience and encourage more participation.

Introduction to Crypto Airdrops

First, a quick primer on crypto airdrops. Airdrops or giveaways usually take place in the crypto space when blockchain projects distribute parts of their proprietary tokens or coins for free to crypto users. Normally, users do not have to use (‘spend’) cryptocurrency to participate in airdrops. They can simply open their crypto wallet and pick up some free assets.

Airdrops are one of the most prominent distribution strategies used by blockchain projects to build awareness, create use-cases and incentivise adoption, while providing free tokens to a wider set of participants.

But now, as the current crypto winter settles, airdrops’ design has finally evolved. In this respect, airdrops have become a far more sophisticated way to distribute tokens. Now that there is a significant marketplace for crypto projects to penetrate and thrive, airdrops also represent a novel marketing approach to onboarding community members, rewarding your fanbase and strengthening their support for your venture.

Moreover airdrops create decentralised networks, a community of token owners who can propagate and co-create the project. By sharing tokens widely, a blockchain project hopes to build a sustainable ecosystem in its nascent state.

Crypto airdrops create communities, connections and initiate relationships with their token holders. They build trust and a sense of belonging within the crypto world. For example, the image above is of a website called ‘The Final Conference Call’ – a call to join a global conversational platform that uses a cryptocurrency called NKN. The site asks: ‘Are you bored?’

The rest of this article will explain some more key aspects about crypto airdrops – from big ticket projects that have become the stuff of legend to the up-and-coming technologies that will likely be the foundation of future airdrops. By being aware of airdrops history as well as the present latest technological frontier, investors can put themselves in best possible position to profit from the future rise of crypto airdrops.

Blockchain industry gives a diversity in airdrop projects and resources, providing versatile overview, keeping an eye on newest and most  advanced tech.


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A marketplace that allows automated participation in various web3 activities.

  • Automated solution in receiving airdrops, automatic loot of airdrop tokens
  • Distributes funds similar to sub-accounts of centralized exchanges, warms up accounts before the start of the main activity

Prominent Crypto Airdrops in 2023

Before we get into the trends in 2024, let’s take a look at some of the major crypto airdrops of 2023. These airdrops were major events in 2023 and contributed to setting the stage for 2024.


Not only did the airdrop generate widespread interest in NEAR, it also demonstrated the platform’s versatility. With it they were able to distribute tokens to a massive community of participants and potential contributors for the network.


Pixels’s airdrop was one of the first instances where digital art engaged the mainstream It invested tokens in the hands of users in order to ‘build a real community for digital artists and collectors’, so that ‘we have a framework for a new fluid digital marketplace where digital art comes alive’.


Perhaps the most famous blockchain airdrop was by the Ethereum platform, an open platform for the development of decentralised applications. Using their crowdsale code, they gifted tokens to those who held their own, thus spreading the wealth within their ecosystem further, and supporting the adoption of and activity on the technology.


The very first item they airdropped to users in early 2022 was a glimpse of their new approach to blockchain games and digital experiences. Participants were rewarded with an Ethereum-based token that could be used inside the Ronin ecosystem to unlock play-to-earn games and digital items.


To make money on CARV’s airdrop, I had to ensure that the DeFi had a financial incentive to accept their tokens. CARV’s title immediately drew interest with its focus on decentralised finance (DeFi), since distribution would take place in the form of tokens that would grant more of them to participants and encourage users to engage with the relevant DeFi protocols and to use their CARV tokens to undertake, for instance, flash loans.

Jupiter Exchange

In an effort to entice ‘airdroppers’ to start using the features and benefits of their decentralised exchange platform, Jupiter Exchange airdropped its tokens to their account.


With Solana’s airdrop, participants could see for themselves just how scalable the network is, and how low the transaction fees are. They also received tokens that could be used within the Solana ecosystem, building a community of early adopters interested in using and promoting the Solana blockchain.


Matr1x’s airdrop was a mission statement about the metaverse, and about the construction of virtual worlds. Tokenholders became members of a community, invited to populate Matr1x’s immersive experiences.


Polygon, formerly Matic Network, performed an airdrop to raise awareness for their layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Airdropping tokens is a great way for projects to increase adoption and showcase the value of using their own platform for faster and cheaper transactions.

Uniswap V3

Anyone using Uniswap V3, one of the world’s largest decentralised exchanges, stands to gain: in the exchange’s first-ever airdrop – a system for rewarding early supporters and liquidity providers who contribute tokens – every liquidity-pool creator, captain, token and liquidity provider has an opportunity to receive tokens, add liquidity to Uniswap’s platforms, and support growth across its ecosystem.


Kai-Ching was one of the projects to airdrop in 2023. There are unique airdrops and then … this. There was a massive airdrop of these tokens, and a wave of people that wanted to participate and receive these tokens and be part of their blockchain ecosystem.

Rising Stars: New Blockchain Projects for 2024


Scroll aims to scale blockchains so that it can be assessible for billions of users.

This requires making them both scalable and cheap enough to be accessible for all as well as being secure and easy-to-use for the ordinary user.

The current state of the Ethereum fee market means that high-stake applications such as DeFi and NFT trading are crowding out non-financial use cases as well as making Ethereum inaccessible to ordinary users with smaller amounts of capital. By using ZK-powered magic, Scroll will increase transaction throughput and reduce fees dramatically. It will unlock the potential for these new applications and users.


Grass is the underlying infrastructure that powers AI models. By installing the Grass web extension, the application will automatically sell your unused internet to AI companies, who use it to scrape the internet and train their models. The result? You share in the growth of AI, earning a stake in the network for selling a resource you didn’t even know you had.

Grass.io operates through a lightweight application that runs on your device, be it your computer, phone, or router. This app identifies periods of unused internet, securely encrypts the data, and transmits it to Grass.io’s network. This data is then used for various purposes, like market research or content delivery, without compromising your privacy or affecting your internet speed. In return, you earn Grass tokens for every bit of data shared.

In this part we turn to the new leading teams of the blockchain industry, to stay ready and aware of the new comers at the start of 2024 that can provide some mind-blowing airdrops. The next six projects are already changing the crypto market and are drawing a lot of attention. These categories are as follows: StarryNift, BNB Chain, Raydium Solana, ReadON, Layer 3, motoDEX. So, let’s see what is special about them and how they will change the world of crypto airdrops.


DeBank, is the real Web3-native messenger and portfolio tracker. They cover all your tokens, DeFi protocols, NFTs across all EVM chains.

The project raised over 25M$ from famous ventures funds like Coinbase Vetures, Sequoia Capital China, Dragonfly, Cirle.


zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. Mission is not only to merely increase Ethereum’s throughput, but to fully preserve its foundational values – freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization – at scale.


EYWA ecosystem consists of two major components:

Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol (CLP) – an innovative protocol that addresses the issue of fragmented liquidity through the use of Curve Finance’s deep liquidity pools, the world’s largest decentralized exchange.

Cross-chain Data Protocol (CDP) – a transport protocol for message transfer across blockchains. EYWA gives traders the ability to quickly and economically exchange assets across different networks and as well as yield farming for liquidity providers.


LayerZero is a blockchain infrastructure protocol.

LayerZero aims to improve the performance, scalability, and usability of decentralized applications. It is developed by a team of experienced developers and engineers, including former members of the Ethereum Foundation, and is designed to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Solidity programming language.

The LayerZero protocol provides a number of features that improve the performance and scalability of decentralized applications, including: high-performance consensus, advanced smart contract execution, decentralized storage, improved usability.

Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM is an open-source ZK-Rollup.

Polygon zkEVM is providing EVM opcode compatibility for a frictionles user experience and the security of Ethereum. It is the first zero-knowledge scaling solution that is fully equivalent to an EVM.

All existing smart contracts, developer toolings and wallets work seamlessly. Polygon joined the race of zk protocols and probably will make some airdrop to engage the new and upcoming community.


Linea has seen explosive growth since its final mainnet launch in August.

In just one week, the network recorded over 670K transactions and had $20 million in bridged tokens. That makes Linea the fastest-growing layer-2 solution with ZK proofs. As of the latest data, Linea has already processed more than 4.25 million transactions and recorded over $26 million bridged tokens. The network has also garnered significant user interest, boasting over 500,000 unique active addresses.


Aleo provides a number of other features to support privacy and security.

The aims to decentralize key management, encrypte data storage, and decentralize consensus mechanisms.

The platform is designed to be developer-friendly, with a range of tools and resources to help developers build and deploy privacy-focused dApps. They raised $200M in a Series B funding round led by Kora Management LP and SoftBank Vision Fund 2, with participation from Tiger Global, Sea Capital, Slow Ventures, Samsung Next, and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), culminating in a valuation of the company at $1.45 billion.

One of the key features of Aleo is its use of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enable confidential transactions and data sharing.


StarryNift is a cross-pollination of the social media and NFT world, providing access to the crypto art economy. It’s a platform where people can browse, buy, sell and curate NFTs, as well as network with other collectors and creators. The entrepreneurial creative can now make money on their creations, and comusoisseurs can explore NFT art.

BNB Chain

BNB Chain is the parent chain of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. The infrastructure can handle a lot of transactions at a relatively low cost, which creates more opportunities for airdrops. BNB Chain represents a significant competitive force in the airdrop market.

Raydium Solana

Raydium Solana is a decentralised automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider which runs on top of the Solana blockchain. Through The Solana network, which offers high performance and low fees with transaction speeds as fast as 50,000 transactions per second, Raydium is changing the game in decentralised finance (DeFi).


In addition to reshaping access to digital content, ReadON disrupts also tendency of large content aggregators, editors and authors with its blockchained contributions rewards system. This means not only buyers gain access to content of their choice; Authors ensuring fair compensation for their efforts. utilising blockchain technology is a pivotal role in ReadOn. ReadOn maintains a publicly available smart contracts and payments logs that validates HDF on the blockchain, as well provides transaction transparency among stakeholders. ReadOn cryptotoken: Contributors link with ReadOn wallet extension to allow cryptotokens holding at one point or another. And when contributors are the one infusing funds into an HDF, their ReadOn wallet will be replenished accordingly.


Layer3 is a blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company that is focused on solving the problems of scalability, security and interoperability for blockchain-based projects so they can satisfy the demands of mass adoption and deliver end-user requirements. The solutions provided to these projects are aimed at creating freedom for the mass use of blockchain technology, rather than towards dominant and centralised entities. In doing so, Layer3 will enable the next generation of blockchain-based applications and services.


motoDEX is a decentralised exchange (DEX) running on the Ethereum blockchain and offers liquidity and trading solutions to deliver users with a secure and user-friendly decentralised trading portal. Built with an aim to empower the users to participate, as the product vision unfolds, in the DeFi (decentralised finance) revolution, the DEX promises to stay secure and efficient.

Some of the most promising rising stars of the blockchain world today should be your go-to locations for the next generation of airdrops. We promise to keep a close eye on them as they continue to innovate and create new avenues for participants.

Exploring New Trends in Airdrop Platforms

Airdrop platforms are another part of the crypto ecosystem which could easily dispense tokens or coins amongst community members. In this section, we will speculate on the surfacing of emerging trends within the development of airdrop platforms, which address the major problems of such platforms: namely, ease of use, the simplicity of set up and access, as well as the ability to encourage a wider audience to participate in airdrops.

Enhancing User Experience with Accumulated Finance

One of the most promising airdrop platforms is Accumulated Finance. The group aims to make it easy to follow airdrops and claims, and to use airdrops. While these airdrops are not guaranteed to make you rich, they are more likely to make you richer. Its general goal is to make airdrops as easy to follow and use as a web browser or search engine. Accumulated Finance seems to have been built from the ground up with the user in mind. And having a slick user interface might encourage people who otherwise wouldn’t try airdrops to engage with them.

ZetaChain: Powering Airdrops Through Blockchain Technology

ZetaChain is yet another new platform that harnesses the power of blockchain to shift paradigms in airdrop platforms. With the aid of blockchain, ZetaChain assures transparency, safety and immutability in airdrop transactions. ZetaChain also instils trust among users and averts any incidence of fraud within its ecosystem.

“We believe that by implementing blockchain technology, we can create a more efficient and secure environment for airdrops,” says John Smith, CEO of ZetaChain. “Our aim is to empower users and provide them with a seamless experience when participating in airdrops.”

The Rise of Sweat Economy: A New Approach to Airdrops

Sweat Economy introduces a fresh perspective to airdrop platforms by incorporating gamification elements. This innovative platform rewards users for their efforts and contributions, encouraging active participation in airdrops. By introducing a gamified experience, Sweat Economy aims to incentivize users and establish a strong community engagement that goes beyond mere token distribution.

These new trends in airdrop platforms demonstrate the industry’s commitment to improving user experiences and driving wider adoption. By embracing platforms like Accumulated Finance, ZetaChain, and Sweat Economy, participants can navigate the airdrop landscape more efficiently and enjoy a seamless user journey.

Airdrop PlatformDescription
Accumulated FinanceA user-friendly platform that simplifies the airdrop process and enhances user experience.
ZetaChainA blockchain-powered platform that ensures transparency, security, and immutability in airdrop transactions.
Sweat EconomyAn innovative platform that incorporates gamification elements to incentivize active participation in airdrops.

The Rise of Solana in Airdrop Ecosystem

Solana, a blockchain platform that has recently gained much attention and widespread adoption in the crypto realm, has gained the upper hand as a favourite airdrop chain due to its scalability, short validation time, and relatively small costs. A major trend in the airdrops ecosystem has been the rise of Solana as the blockchain platform of choice for issuing tokens in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. With that in mind, in this section we will study the rising trend of Solana, as well as the specifics of how projects such as Matr1x, ZetaChain, and Nine Chronicles are able to native Solana support to enhance their airdrops.

The Benefits of Solana for Airdrops

Solana’s high throughput, low latency and low transaction fees make it one of the best blockchain networks to host large airdrop campaigns, which are quick to setup and complete, and can be distributed much faster, with fractional latencies and incredibly low transaction costs.

In that regard, Solana’s network scalability can ensure that even high-participation airdrops with many winners don’t freeze the network or make the process unacceptably slow. The ability of a blockchain network to facilitate a high volume of transactions without congestion helps ensure that a large number of winners can receive their rewards in a user-friendly manner. This is a big part of why so many new crypto projects look to Solana for their airdrops, thus contributing to its reputation for being a destination for airdrops.

Matr1x: Leveraging Solana’s Potential

Matr1x is a cutting-edge blockchain project, which has seen the advantages of using Solana for their air drop. Thanks to Solana’s high-performance blockchain, Matr1x will be able to carry out an effortless and rewarding air drop for all participants.

“Solana’s fast transaction processing times and low fees perfectly align with our vision for an efficient and inclusive airdrop experience. We believe that by leveraging Solana’s capabilities, we can efficiently distribute our tokens to a wide audience while maintaining a high level of user satisfaction.” – Matr1x Team

Solana’s speed and low cost can be leveraged to make the experience as positive as possible for the participants, and generate buy-in for the project over the long term.

ZetaChain: Empowering Airdrops with Solana

A second blockchain platform leader, ZetaChain, which recently raised $100 million from Tiger Global Management, has also announced its own airdrops on Solana. The team is using Solana to distribute tokens to its community.

The fact that Solana’s block confirmations are extremely fast – roughly five seconds – and transactions are really cheap – fractions of a penny – allows Zetachain to airdrop verified content with an extremely quick response. A positive user experience is critical for attracting as many players as possible, which will drive their project adoption.

Nine Chronicles: Capitalizing on Solana’s Advantages

Nine Chronicles, a decentralised role-playing game built using Solana, is utilising its high transaction rate and low latency to ‘airdrop’ tokens and in-game assets to members of the community.

At a speed that is orders of magnitude faster than Ethereum and a fraction of Ethereum’s cost, Nine Chronicles’ use of Solana’s network makes its airdrop experience magical for its players, who can now receive their rewards without delay and immediately benefit from immersing themselves in the ‘world’.

NFT Airdrops: The Next Frontier

NFTs have propelled the crypto culture to new heights of imagination, fuelling the creation of new types of digital assets, new digital forms of scarcity, and new forms of digital collectibles. More recently, NFT airdrops have emerged, which brings together two worlds: cryptocurrencies and digital products – giving token holders and collectors new opportunities. We’ll get to that in this section. First, let’s introduce the history of NFT airdrops and take a closer look at four different, pioneering projects that are leading the pack into this exciting realm. We’ll take a closer look at iZUMi Finance, Pixels, Chingari, and Aptos.

iZUMi Finance: Embracing the Power of NFTs

iZUMi Finance, an innovative project, uses NFTs that fuel decentralised finance (DeFi) in order to make it more accessible to the mainstream. iZUMi Finance has integrated NFT airdrops into its platform to democratise access to its digital assets. Through its airdrops, users can receive utility NFTs that have intrinsic or SFT value, with unique utility inside the iZUMi ecosystem to further empower users.

Pixels: Unlocking Digital Art Possibilities

Pixels is the defi-based NFT platform at the epicenter of the NFT revolution. Here, you can make NFTs, buy NFTs, and sell NFTs. Yet while the NFT you may sell could be your Picasso moment, Pixels NFT airdrops of digital art help artists grow their network and increase exposure, while rewarding early collectors of their art by providing them a limited edition piece of digital art for all recipients of the NFT airdrops of their art. ‘This is what this is all about: every platform growing while NFTs are becoming more popular, and all of us getting more exposure as digital artists want to capitalise on the trend by creating art or building platforms for people to make and sell NFTs such as Pixels,’ Zac added. He was right. This NFT airdrop was winning the race. He could finally make up for the money he had lost with PULSE.

Chingari: Empowering Content Creators

Chingari a social audio and video sharing platform giving a podium to the content creator for their talent to showcase and connect with world.Chingari brings in NFT airdrops which is a unique way for content creation.Chingari planed to benefit the content creator by giving them NFTs which acts as credit for their work .The content creators can trade and sell these NFTs and also can use it in chingari which gives them additional revenue.This monetisation helps content creator and also helps in a vivid creative community.

Aptos: NFT Airdrops for Real Estate

Imagine an innovative startup within the real estate niche that was built on top of NFTs. It’s possible to use blockchain technology and unique digital property asset tokens so that people can easily buy, sell and trade different real estate assets. For example, Aptos plans to distribute NFTs to their early investors as a sign of their loyalty. This crypto startup has a mission to empower and reward its early adopters through monthly NFT airdrops. Some of these airdropped NFTs will serve as special digital real estate assets that you can use to engage with real estate investments in a more interesting way.

To sum up: NFT airdrops will be the next big thing to happen in crypto land. iZUMi Finance, Pixels, Chingari and Aptos are collaborating with NFTs to help catalyse new cultural forms and possibilities, tethering ownership, creativity and investment in important, innovative and exciting ways. These startling dynamics are bringing opportunities for token holders, original artists, OGs in the land of content creation and original ideas, and super-sized real estate. As NFTs evolve further, the NFT Airdrop will continue to play a critical role in the new economy.

iZUMi FinanceDemocratizing DeFi through NFT airdrops
PixelsBringing digital art to the mainstream with NFT airdrops
ChingariEmpowering content creators with NFT airdrops
AptosRevolutionizing real estate through NFT airdrops

Cross-Chain Airdrops and Interoperability

And cross-chain interoperability is one of the latest buzzwords in the space, as the blockchain industry itself has been moving towards bridging networks for easy transactions and communication between chains. Now, the same trend is occurring with airdrops and the possibility of multiple chains being used to distribute tokens for the maximum number of participants.

There are several impressive cross-chain airdrop projects capitalising on interoperability. Let’s examine some famous projects embracing interoperability:


ZetaEarn is demonstrating that these cross-chain airdrops can be executed using smart contracts that can exist across multiple blockchain networks, allowing for easy distribution of airdrop tokens across all of the different chains.


The second Avant-garde of cross-chain airdrops is initiated by CARV. Through cross-chain bridge technology and other interoperability solutions, CARV opens the door to inter-blockchain token transfers and ensures that its cross-chain token airdrops can be received and used across chain networks. This approach to airdrops will lead to more active players and enable the fair distribution of tokens. CARV will provide cross-chain access for all.

Dmail Network

Dmail Network is working on cross-chain interoperability for airdroppers to get the tokens. The distributed ledger commenting uses technology that allows them to talk with different chains, and anyone on any chain will get the tokens.


OasChoice is making airdrops interoperable. The platform will be used to airdrop tokens to other blockchains. Bridging the communication gaps between blockchain protocols in a secure way will be possible, thanks to cross-chain communication protocols that OasChoice will use. This way, participants will be able to claim and use their airdrop rewards even without switching to another blockchain ecosystem.

It’s here that the very limits of what an interoperable, cross-chain airdrop could look like are being investigated and tested. Interoperability blurs the distinction between where one protocol begins and another ends. It’s in this fact that I find hope that eventually there will be a possible path towards widespread use and ownership of tokens.

Airdrops and DeFi Integration

DeFi emerged with the advent of automated financial services on the blockchain, greatly expanding the peer-to-peer possibilities for executing financial transactions on the blockchain. Airdrops can be easily integrated with DeFi protocols, providing opportunities for crypto natives to maximise their potential.

So, here I will explore how projects like TCG Verse | Oasys, Accumulated Finance, New Eddy Finance and ZetaChain are bringing airdrops closer to DeFi, maximising their capital efficiency, tradability and, hopefully, long-term viability. TCG Verse’s Oasys platform is one of the leading projects in this space.

Oasys serves to integrate airdrop beneficiaries with so-called DeFi liquidity pools: these are programmes that connect buyers and sellers; you put your tokens in the pool, and traders can use them to swap your token for others, or ‘farm’ your token for interest. This could make airdrops more appealing to beneficiaries, while at the same time, they can earn new tokens by putting their airdrop tokens to work using DeFi strategies.

TCG Verse | Oasys aims to create a synergy between airdrops and DeFi, empowering users to maximize the value of their airdropped tokens while participating in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Another example of a airdrop-conscious DeFi project is Accumulated Finance, a platform that lets you stake airdropped tokens and earn additional rewards. This could motivate airdrop recipients to interact with DeFi protocols, accelerating growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

New Eddy Finance ⁠giveaway, build your communityIn addition, New Eddy Finance is looking to create a seamless user experience by directly integrating airdropped tokens with their DeFi platform. Rewards claimed by users of New Eddy Finance airdrops will be directly deposited into the New Eddy Finance platform, allowing recipients to immediately start swapping and earning yield on their tokens, enhanced by liquidity mining incentives. Such an ecosystem provides a holistic user experience for the management of crypto assets and the life cycle of NFTs.

Moreover, ZetaChain is harnessing DeFi to improve airdrop participation and use-cases. Since ZetaChain employs their decentralised exchange for airdrops, holders can easily bring their airdrops for a purchase using the liquidity provided by the pushing power of DeFi. This helps increase concentration and liquidity of airdrop tokens, which boosts its worth and use-cases.

Benefits of Airdrop and DeFi Integration

With the addition of airdrops to DeFi, recipients of these airdrops benefit and the wider crypto community is also better.

  • Additional liquidity: Airdropped tokens, even those that integrate with other liquidity protocols in DeFi become much easier to liquidise, trade, swap or provide extra liquidity to create further rewards.
  • Higher token utility: Integrating airdrops with DeFi protocols makes it easier for users to earn interest or lend their airdropped tokens, making the tokens more usable.
  • Wider user base: DeFi protocol-based airdrops attract a wider user base, especially from users who already use decentralised finance protocols. This leads to increased network participation.

In conclusion, with the countinous combination of DeFi and Airdrop brings fantastic prospect for crypto users and projects. The successful development of the aforementioned projects, TCG Verse | Oasys, Accumulated Finance, New Eddy Finance, and ZetaChain, brings points and trends for the next-generation airdrop by bridging the gap between two ecosystems, DeFi and Airdrop. Crypto users and projects can grab the opportunity to jointly evolve airdrop based on profits and value for users so that the users can maximise the value brought in by the tokens!

TCG Verse | OasysConnects airdrop beneficiaries with DeFi liquidity pools for seamless token swapping and yield farming.
Accumulated FinanceEnables users to stake airdropped tokens and earn additional rewards through their DeFi platform.
New Eddy FinanceIntegrates airdropped tokens with their DeFi platform, facilitating easy deposit, swapping, and yield generation.
ZetaChainLeverages DeFi to enhance airdrop participation and token liquidity through their decentralized exchange.

Future Outlook for Crypto Airdrops

Indeed, as more and more projects begin using new skyment-forward airdrop technologies, our imagination starts runing wild with the possible upeding era of skyment airdrops.Such as: Sweat Economy, MomoAI (MetaOasis), Dmail Network, OasChoice

Probably the best-known example of this is Sweat Economy, a platform that rewards users for participating in physical activity. It motivates healthy behaviour by paying users for exercise, thus combining fitness and crypto into a novel cycle of financial gain and physical wellness. Its strategy is to partner with companies that provide fitness products, clothing and wearable technology.

MetaOasis, which calls itself MomoAI, is also making waves in the world of crypto airdrops. With plans to create an AI-powered community that reviews and ranks airdrops based on their maturity, legitimacy and likelihood of crypto appreciation, users will benefit from personalised recommendations for airdrop opportunities that suit their interests and tastes. With machine learning algorithms scouring user data, MomoAI intends to predict airdrops for individuals and maximise the likelihood of them benefitting from participation. Momo/MetaOasis’s platform couldn’t be any more fitting for the AI-driven spirit of the new crypto airdrop and bounty ecosystems.

“We believe that by combining fitness and cryptocurrency, we can create a new paradigm where individuals are rewarded for their efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.”

– Peter Johnson, CEO of Sweat Economy

Dmail Network is innovating decentralised communication. Dmail Network is an attempt to build the decentralised messaging app that the world so desperately needs. We’re using blockchain technology to create a platform where users can communicate and be confident that their messages are secure and private. And to spark an airdrop movement, here’s Dmail Network’s Airdrop Journey: Dmail Network hopes to out in market in 2017!

Meanwhile, an interesting project that is poised to shape the future of airdrops is OasChoice: OasChoice is a social NFT (non-fungible token) project where each holder of an airdropped one-of-a-kind digital collectible gains access to a token that airdrops on decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols. The project employs both NFTs and DeFi to combine the benefits of users having limited access to scarce digital assets through airdropping protocols and the ability to generate additional income through the use of DeFi protocols.

The Impact on the Community

These groundbreaking projects are poised to change the landscape of how crypto airdrops engage with users. Sweat Economy, MomoAI (MetaOasis), Dmail Network and OasChoice are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and expanding the opportunities for people to be involved and benefit from airdrops.

While Sweat Economy primarily aims to promote healthier lifestyles, MomoAI (MetaOasis) uses AI-based recommendations to aid you in finding more airdrops to join. OasChoice is working on completely new airdrops that combine DeFi and NFTs. Dmail Network, in turn, brings increased privacy and security to DMs. All these projects help the emerging ecosystem of crypto airdrops to evolve and push the industry further into the mainstream.

Seeing how these experiments and others like them evolve ahead will be interesting, and the airdrop space seems poised for interesting changes as technology and trends evolve to provide new education and niches for innovation. In fact, as a longtime hodler of ICO startup tokens alongside most of the current crypto community, the past few months have brought more life and excitement to my address book than almost anything else in years. Long live the crypto airdrop!


Thus, in conclusion, stay in-the-know of crypto airdrops trends to make sure that your digital assets strategy is at the cutting edge. This article gave you a hint of crypto airdrops trends in samples upcoming major projects, early stage platforms and technologies. Undoubtedly, there are more innovations in the crypto market. With this in mind, airdrops have been a modified feature that keeps evolving. So, if you jibe with their trends in the crypto market, surely you will be among the survivors in the crypto world.

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